Many Types & Benefits Of Russian Hair For Extension

For people who crave getting longer and voluminous hair, there are plenty of alternate options. From hair products to several therapies, maximising hair length and volume can happen with modern technology.
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However, these techniques do not always yield good results, and it is time-consuming and expensive. In such cases, hair extensions can be a go-to option with the endless benefits they leave you with.

To be more specific, Russian hair extensions have seen growing popularity because Russian hair is extremely healthy, giving them a better physical appearance. These hair extensions can get you instant hair volume, are remarkably easy to care for and are of various types to suit different hairstyles. FPHL among women can occur due to one or more reasons. Hair extensions are also an impeccable alternative for those undergoing exhausting hair treatments to eliminate repetitive split ends.

Benefits of Virgin Russian Hair

Undoubtedly, Russian hair is the premium quality hair you will find in the market today. It is primely because the Russian diet has lower amounts of fats and more rich nutrients and macromolecules. As a result, Russian women have healthier hair.
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Also, because Russian diets are low in salt intake, Russian hair gets enough nutrients without any follicle damage. Also, virgin Russian hair, untreated dyes and colours make the best set of hair extensions. Here are some of the many benefits you can enjoy from using Russian hair for extension,

1. Russian Hair Is Lightweight

Although Russian hair is extremely healthy, they are exceptionally light in weight. This quality of Russian hair makes it look, feel and move more like natural hair. Thus, blending Russian hair onto your original hair will leave you with a stunning natural appeal.

2. Comfort Check

Most women feel regular hair extensions are slightly annoying and bulky. In such cases, Russian hair is the best to go for because of its sleek nature.

3. The Gloss You Will Love

Virgin Russian hair comes in a variety of colours and styles, from curly to silky straight. However, they all come with the perfect gloss and shine radiantly, keeping the texture quite soft.

Types Of Russian Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, you will not have to rely on a single choice. Sometimes, you will have to switch between options and luckily, there are options. Here are some out of many types,

1. Clip-in Russian Extension

If you are looking for a temporary extension with Russian hair, the clip-in type is the best option. Easy to wear and take off, clip-in hair is notably long-lasting and is reusable. They are also the most inexpensive type among the others, and all you have to do is clip or tape the extension onto your existing hair with the clips or tapes that come with it.

2. Micro Ring Russian Hair Extension

Micro rings are tiny copper rings that are in use to attach Russian hair extensions onto your natural hair without glues or clips. Undoubtedly, this gives you a fuller and natural look, and you will not have to worry about the visibility of glue or tapes.
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Unlike clip-in extensions, this type suits those who are looking for a semi-permanent solution.
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3. Russian Weft Extensions

This type is similar to that of clip-in hair extensions. The only difference is that, in weft extension, the Russian hair gets sewn onto your natural hair using weft. So, if you are worried about using glue or chemicals on your hair, weft extensions are the best alternative.

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