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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) was the display technology breakthrough that made laptop computers possible. Before LCDs, there were some portable computers known as “luggables” that employed a small tube display that took up half the room and power. LCD Thunderbolt monitor is lightweight, consumes minimal power, and unlike the old-fashioned tube displays, is well suited to getting bounced around.

The LCD panel itself acts as a sort of electronic color film, but the images it produces are nearly invisible to the eye.
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If you remember the old 35 mm slides that used to be popular in photography, you’ll remember how hard it was to make out the picture without a slide projector or a light table.
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The light source that turns the LCD “film” into a bright display is called the “backlight.”

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Short about LCD

The current generation of laptops employ a special type of fluorescent light, a CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) tube, which provides a bright white light that is evenly distributed behind the LCD screen by reflective surfaces. The CCFL tubes are very thin and relatively long lived, but they require a special power source to light them.
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This power is provided by the inverter, a circuit that transforms the low voltage DC power your laptop runs on into a high voltage, high frequency electronic signal. Inverters are the Achilles heel of laptop display systems. If the LCD only displays the faintest of images, it means the backlight isn’t lit.
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Inverter or wiring failure is more common than actual backlight burn-out.
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