Lifestyle of America:

The United States of America was ruled by the Britain’s and is situated in North America. The USA has 50 states and is the world’s 3rd largest country. So what is it like to live in the United States of America?

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Cultural values:

Like every other country, Americans have their own values and cultural priorities. Sometimes, the people who have recently moved to the USA can get puzzled. The people of America are always proud. This culture was founded on liberty, equality and democracy. It is important for them that everyone should have the right to speak freely. Which means that Americans can speak freely about their president or their army on the site

Rules and regulations:

America has its own rules and regulations. The hard part is that every state of America has a different set of laws and regulations. Some of the laws of USA are:

  •       You must have your car registered and also have insurance. Also the driver’s license is a must!
  • You have to drive on the right side of the road whereas the overtaking lane is the left one. You can turn right if you think it is safe, on a red signal.
  •       Wearing a seatbelt is a must.
  •       If a school bus has its red lights on, you cannot overtake it.
  •       You always have to give way to emergency cars, like ambulances or the police.

These laws can get complicated, but you will get to know them when you are settled there.


The government of America helps you with your daily expenses if you do not have enough budget. They call this help by the government, welfare. Because in this way the public benefits a lot. And it also helps you settle easily.
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If you are a newcomer, you can also benefit from this scheme.


If you have just arrived or are thinking of settling there, then there are a set of new things you need to learn in order to live in the USA. Like where are the best places to visit, best shopping malls. If you don’t speak English, you will also need a translator.

Now, if you are looking where to live, you need to know one thing; living in America is expensive. It becomes quite hard to find a safe place which is in your budget range also feel welcoming. Finding such a place to live gets confusing sometimes. But everything gets easy when you know what type of a living place you are looking for and what are your requirements.


You cannot leave your children unsupervised at home. Although, some states have allowed to leave a 12-year-old kid to take care of his/her younger brother/sister. The government can remove you as guardian if something like this happens. You can pay a babysitter or leave your kids at daycare if you are working.
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These are some important parenting rules you need to follow if you do not want the government to interfere. These are some briefly explained things for a better lifestyle in the USA.

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