IT Services in Online Gaming

IT service keeps the largest e-commerce operation in the country running. The digital game part accounts for about 25% of the turnover. Every hour that the platform is not available, we lose 100,000 euros. If you know that these incomes support social goals, then our motivation is extra great to keep everything up and running.
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 And for that we need a lot of capable IT people.”

The IT service consists of about 140 professionals, about half of whom are external parties who give the best of themselves for a short or long period of time. They operate within imposed rules, but also work creatively and innovatively within the many challenges: a wide range of online games, the management of an extensive network of Point of Sales, the supply chain challenges and big data in the sales department.

IT security for Online Games

Due to the large number of financial transactions, IT security is a priority. 1.3 million players are registered on our digital platforms, of which 300,000 play again every week in a safe environment. “In addition, of course, we also have an extensive ‘Responsible Gaming’ policy.”

All employees of the National Lottery see daily how their work has a positive impact on the experience of Belgian players. And so everything has to run as smoothly as possible. To do this, they fall back on two important pillars: communication and involvement.

There is a very flat structure with short communication lines and fast decision lines in which individuals are directly involved.” There is great freedom and little bureaucracy in the IT department. The open door policy means that I speak to the managers several times a week.”

Develop your career in gaming

Within the National Lottery, and therefore also within IT, there are also many options for internal mobility. You can build your career there and expand your expertise by moving to a different role or team over time. Bart Poppe started as a developer in 2004 and chose the role of ‘Application Architect’ in 2017. «The internal vacancy at architecture really appealed to me because I could expand my expertise, but also because this role gives me a helicopter view across the different departments.

Experts are satisfied with the dedication of the IT staff. “I experience that our employees are proud of their job and that they come to work every day with great enthusiasm, he concludes.
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 That could be because we like a bit of ‘organized’ chaos here and that not everything has to be very strictly defined. In this way you give people the opportunity to find their way and to organize themselves in their own way.”

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Big names in the Online Game sector

Ideally, the technology is already integrated during game development. This means that Gameye is already sitting around the table with game studios in the early stages. Thanks to two very successful investment rounds, Online Games also has the necessary financial strength to continue and with partners such as Microsoft and Tencent, Gameye managed to convince big names in the game industry of this technology and the approach in a short time. The first games with technology have been launched this year too, with more to follow in 2021.

The Game Obsession

EA’s obsession with microtransactions means that the Podium Pass and the premium items introduced last year are still with us and will likely stay with us. However, it is something that can be easily overlooked if you want to play the game as it is.

While the game is still not what I would call a real picture, it is getting close. On compatible PCs, the game features ray-tracing shadows and reflections that add an extra level of realism to the visuals. The circles look great and the details on the cars are amazing.

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