Intricately crafted cards out of paper

Trying to find fresh ideas for cards? Try making a paper cutout like this one! ‘ In addition to thanking my dad for allowing me keep his X-acto knife and cutting board, I really need to get one of my own. ) Despite the fact that these techniques are easy to describe, they might be a challenge to do if you haven’t had much experience. It took me a couple hours to complete this task.

The Concept

Papers should be sliced in half. Make a sketch of the design you’ve selected. It’s critical that your design be very clear (along the lines of measure twice cut once, you want to know where to cut for your design). If you’re like me and can’t simply come up with a design on your own, I suggest spending some time to look at other people’s cards to get some ideas. One of the best design is 3D Pop-up Light Box Mushroom.

Using a knife and glue

Using an X-acto knife, cut out your design after you’re satisfied with it. Thin bits and letters may easily be ripped while you’re attempting to cut them, so be cautious. Clean up any pencil markings that remain after you’ve cut out your design. Your piece of paper should now be glued to the other piece of paper. To prevent straining your neck and to give your hand a break, take frequent cutting pauses.. With neck pain, the slanted surface might be quite beneficial! In order to make small holes, particularly eyes, a compass is essential. A double-glass box frame or a normal box frame with a sheet of acetate may be used to float the cuts inside the pattern. We also offer acetate sheets for this purpose! Pop your frame back together with your cut wedged between the two layers of glass or acetate using small dab of adhesive.
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Voila! As a last word of advice, have fun and don’t bleed too much on your paper!
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As soon as things go awry,

Even if your scalpel slips (or in my case snaps*), don’t give up. You’re not alone. A simple repair is all that is required if you damage a part of your design. Stick a piece of adhesive tape to the side of your design where you want it to be (after you have removed the paper with the design on it). Cut any extra tape with a scalpel after applying pressure to the tape join. It won’t be noticed.

If sticky tape doesn’t work, you may alternatively glue a tiny sliver of card over the break.
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Wait until the adhesive is entirely dry before trimming off the excess.

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