How to Plan the Perfect Private Winery Tour?

What can be more refreshing for a true wine connoisseur than getting a private experience of exotic wineries and wine tasting? To do this, you won’t need to travel halfway around the world. You can easily explore the award-winning wineries, gorgeous boutique venues, and mesmerising scenery with the Private winery tours in Yarra Valley. By opting for personalised services, you can directly access an experienced guide sharing extensive knowledge and intriguing details about wineries. You also get the benefits of tasting some of the premium products and looking at private places that otherwise remain unavailable.  

However, before planning a trip, you must keep a few things in mind, which are listed below.

Plan a Diverse Tour

Yarra Valley has over 80 wineries expressing the diversity of the soil and mastery of practices. So, planning a diverse tour will allow you to enjoy the beauty of both old wineries and the new ones. You can also select famous large estates or boutique wineries, or even a mix of both. Moreover, instead of focussing only on wineries, you could also add some variety by exploring various local attractions like the Redwood Forest, Lilydale Lake, or Alowyn Gardens. So, discuss your choices and preferences with the tour company to get the most out of your tour. 

Consider Preferences and Particulars

Before you sign up for a winery tour and tasting, you must consider your choices and preferences. You may plan a tour around a specific wine type to make the experience more enjoyable and organised. For example, if you prefer white or red wines, check out those wineries that produce them. You may also prefer celebrating an occasion in the presence of friends and family, which calls for a perfectly planned private tour. Further, don’t forget to include the particulars of the wineries you want to visit. It may include costs, tour times, wine tasting, and operation hours.

Include a Luncheon Plan

Victoria’s Yarra Valley is not only reputed for its world-class wine but also for excellent restaurants serving high-quality food. You can choose any restaurant for an elaborate lunch and dig in on your favourite pizza, pasta, fish, duck, or lamb, refuelling you to carry on the tour for the rest of the day. You can also opt for a scenic barbeque, casual dining, or even a parkland picnic.
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Fine dining options at any boutique restaurant can also be a tempting choice.
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With so many finest eateries available, choosing one can be quite a task. So, you can consult with the experts before organising
Private winery tours in Yarra valley and get recommendations that fit your budget. 

Get a Designated Driver

When you plan to visit more than one winery in a day, you can have a designated driver to ensure your pick up and drop to your hotel. Winery tours include wine tastings, and you may have more than one tasting in each winery. Hence, a designated driver will take you around the wineries and make the tour comfortable.
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Many Private winery tours in Yarra valley also make arrangements for collecting tourists from a preferred departure point in Melbourne. The convenience of pick up is an appealing factor about a private tour. Moreover, with the availability of luxury fleets, you can enjoy travelling between wineries in comfort and style.
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By considering the points mentioned above, you can create a plan for the perfect winery tour and make the day memorable for you and your family.  

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