How to Optimise Your Office Space for Productivity

Your office space should be like a productivity haven—a place to settle in, focus, and get your work done well. Unfortunately, modern workplaces are rife with distractions that can limit performance—like excess noise and non-stop notifications.

In this article, you’ll find our top tips for optimising your office space and getting the most out of every workday.
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Whether you’ll be implementing these solutions yourself or recommending them to your employees, they’re guaranteed to get results. Plus, you can get most from reputable suppliers like
RS Components.

  • Limit your notifications

Modern smartphones users are constantly flooded with notifications. Whether it’s a text from a friend or an alert from your favourite app, these distracting messages often do more harm than good.

The best way to limit distractions and stop checking your smartphone every few minutes is to limit your notifications. Most smartphone operating systems will allow you to turn off notifications for certain apps—so you can keep the important alerts and get rid of the rest.

  • Eliminate excess noise

Along with annoying notifications, random noises from outdoor construction or workers chatting next door can throw off your focus. This is especially true if you manage a large office building with multiple employees.

The most effective method to reduce noise transfer between rooms—inside and out—is to install acoustic insulation. Insulation of this type absorbs sound as it travels through walls, so you won’t hear coworkers chatting outside your office or trucks roaring down the street anymore. If you would like to have your restroom area renovated as well, contact One Point Partitions.

Most acoustic insulation also offers thermal properties and fire protection, so you’ll solve multiple problems at once.
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We recommend installing insulation with a density greater than 100kg/
m³ for maximum soundproofing results.

  • Create a comforting, clutter-free environment

Excess clutter can draw your eye away from your screen while also increasing stress. Rather than focusing on your work, you might worry about when you’re going to find the time to clean up.

Decluttering is the solution. Remove any items that don’t serve a purpose or otherwise overwhelm your workspace. A cleaner environment will boost your mood and clear your mind, allowing you to refocus on your crucial tasks.
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  • Improve your storage system

With a fully optimised office storage system, you can easily access everything you need. Your days of misplacing your pen or flicking through piles of paperwork will be over!

As we touched on above, excess clutter can overwhelm your mind and limit your productivity.
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Rather than sprawling stationery, documents, and folders across your desk, store each item in a labelled shelving unit or cabinet. 

Within these cabinets, store and label your documents and stationery in designated folders or boxes. You might, for example, store employee files in a particular draw with a labelled folder for each person.

You could also try implementing activity centres—dedicated spaces designed for certain aspects of your work. For example, you could store packing supplies in one area and chargers and cables in another.
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An optimised office space can help you produce higher quality work faster. By limiting your notifications, reducing noise levels, removing clutter, and stepping up your storage, you can achieve ultimate efficiency in your workplace.

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