How to Nail Your Solo Ad Writing in Simple Steps

A solo ad is a one-off email that you send to people who are not on your list. The goal of the solo ad is to get them interested enough in your product or service that they want to sign up for your list. It’s essential to plan out what you’re going to say beforehand, so it reads smoothly and doesn’t seem like an advertisement. In this blog post, we will discuss steps to help you write a successful solo ad!

i) Giving Value

Most of the time, people will be hesitant to purchase your product or service if they don’t feel like they know you. So, giving them Value by establishing yourself as an authority in your niche is essential! It can do in multiple ways. Some examples are offering free advice via email or social media, sharing helpful content, or interviewing experts within your niche. It will help to build trust and encourage them to want more from you.

ii) Tell a Story

People don’t just buy a product or service, and they attach themselves emotionally to it. One way of creating emotion is through storytelling. So, tell a story about how you came across your business idea – the struggles you faced, the challenges you overcame, etc. It will help to create an emotional connection between your audience and your product or service.

iii) Start with a Question

Starting with a question is an excellent tactic for getting your subscribers invested in what you have to say. It’s also an opportunity to share their thoughts, so they feel fulfilled by replying. You could ask them what their biggest struggles are in your particular niche or if they have any advice to share with people starting in that industry.

iv) Keep It Short and Sweet

Most of the time, solo ads send via email, so it’s essential to be concise. When you first introduce yourself, don’t write a detailed biography. You can expand on what you’ve written further down in the email if people are interested, but it’s best to be as brief as possible. Focus more on being exciting and engaging rather than fluffing your text up with filler words just for the sake of it!

v) Include an Image

The majority of the time, people will read your email on a mobile device. With that said, it’s best to make sure your email is easily readable and looks professional. So, always insert an image if you have one available! For example, I worked with two different types of solo ad providers for this particular promotion. The first one didn’t include an image. The second one did, and that email was much more successful. So, it’s essential to be as professional as possible!

vi) Put Your Offer at the end

It is a bit controversial because some people prefer to include their offer right off the bat, so they know if this is even something their subscribers will be interested in. However, I’ve found that putting your offer at the end is more effective for solo ads in particular because people are more likely to read your whole email if they find it exciting and engaging. It will ensure you have their attention when you include your offer, so it’s more likely to be purchased!

vii)  Open with a Hook

People are very busy nowadays. They probably won’t read your email if it doesn’t immediately pique their interest! So, make sure you include an attention-grabbing hook right off the bat. You could ask them a question or provide some intriguing statistics about something relevant to your niche.

viii)  Be Conversational

Read each email you send out loud before sending it. It will help you detect any awkward phrasing or filler words that disrupt the flow of your message. So, hammer out all those kinks by going over what you’ve written one more time! If you’re struggling with this, a great tactic is reading your text backward. You’ll be able to detect any unnatural sounding words that you wouldn’t usually catch when reading them in your mind.

ix)  Be Specific

People love knowing what they’re signing up for and why they should sign up. So, be specific with your headline and description when promoting yourself or your product/service! It will help people decide whether or not it’s relevant to them so they can make a quick decision in regards to signing up or not.

x)  Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt

We all have insecurities when it comes to connecting with strangers online. If someone doesn’t read your email, chances are there’s a valid reason behind it. Maybe they’re too busy, don’t feel like it’s relevant to them, or don’t have enough information. Don’t take it personally and give your subscribers the benefit of the doubt.

xi)  Keep It Brief

People overestimate how much time people spend reading emails these days! They will skim through yours without even realizing if you have too much text, so keep it brief and straightforward.

xii)    Ask for Their Feedback

This step is optional, but it’s a great way to start building rapport with your subscribers. Ask them how you can improve the next time around or what they would like to see more of to make your product/service even better! It is also an effective tactic if people are interested in signing up but you’re having difficulty getting their email.

You can send them a quick follow-up email to ask if they want to sign up or not. If you’re having problems getting their email, offer them something for free in exchange!

xiii) Keep Them Interested until the End

Don’t immediately bombard your subscribers with information right when they sign up. Treat this like a regular email that you would typically send out to your list. So, engage with them and keep their interest until the very end of your message! This technique will help ensure more people click on the link at the bottom of your email too.

xiv) Ask People to Share Your Promo

It is an excellent tactic if you want to build up engagement and buzz about your product. It’s also a great way to get more people signed up if you have trouble promoting yourself! Just ask them at the bottom of your email and include a compelling call-to-action that will entice readers to share it with their friends.

xv) Include Links & Social Media Buttons

Make it easy for people to like, share or tweet your email by including links and social media buttons! It is an effective tactic because it’s also a great way to build up buzz about what you’re promoting. So, make sure you include these types of assets if you want more shares.


This blog post has exposed you to tips and tricks on how to write a solo ad that will get the results you want. With these simple steps, we hope you feel more confident in your ability to create an ad that works for your business needs.

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