How to Know if Digital Out of Home Media is Right for You

Out-of-home media, or OOH, is a popular staple of marketing and advertisement. This kind of advertisement has been around for a long time and despite all the changes that advancements in technology have brought, it continues to be effective. The main reason that it’s still in use is that it is simply effective. OOH, media has the ability to reach thousands and even millions of potential customers with its messages. Not only that, but OOH media is a cost-effective, and low-maintenance option for powerfully expanding brand awareness and even establishing brand validity. 

Digital out-of-home media, or DOOH, is essentially the exact same thing as OOH media, it’s just bridged into the present day and uses digital images to advertise. If you have been wanting to find out more about DOOH and if it’s right for you, this is everything you need to know.

What Exactly is Digital Out of Home Media?

If you aren’t familiar with DOOH, it may be confusing as to how exactly it differs from traditional OOH media. Traditional OOH media is one of the oldest and most established forms of public marketing. The best example of OOH media is the billboard. Billboards line highways all over the country with massive advertisements that reach millions of people a day. 

Out-of-home media quite literally refers to advertisements that people can see out of the confines of their homes. As simple as this is, digital out-of-home media is exactly the same, however instead of printed media, it utilizes high-end digital panels. To understand if DOOH is right for you, you need to be familiar with what it has to offer.

What Kind of Variety Can You Get With DOOH?

If you know anything about OOH media, you know that one of its strong points, aside from passively reaching large groups of people with little to no maintenance, is its sheer variety of options. Within the world of OOH media, you are not limited to the billboard, even though this is the most popular and famous form of OOH media.
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You have a wide array of options from urban panels that can be found as you enter or exit subway stations, bus shelter panels, and even gas pump advertisements. One of the reasons that brands utilize OOH media, is that this style of marketing is flexible and has options that can work with both smaller and large budgets. 

DOOH brings a similar selection and variety to the table when it comes to marketing campaigns. As stated before, the most important distinction between traditional OOH and DOOH media is the digital panels. This means that almost any kind of OOH media could be converted to a digital format. 

That being said, there are three forms of DOOH that are most important. While you could use digital panels on taxi cabs, or bus stop shelters, these three are the most prominent forms of DOOH media on the market. 

Digital Billboards

The first option is the digital billboard. This is a very common piece of DOOH media and one that you are most likely familiar with. By utilizing a digital screen you have access to a higher level of creativity in your advertisements. The digital panels are capable of showing off dazzling colors and take less maintenance than traditional billboards. 


A spectacular is similar to a digital billboard, the main difference is that it does more. A higher-end digital panel, spectaculars are capable of not only better color profiles, and more vivid, brighter pictures, but also specific effects.
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Spectaculars can typically have audio features, as well as the ability to play videos, special effects, or even interact with people. New York City’s Time Square is perhaps one of the most famous displays of spectaculars in the world.

Digital Advertising Trucks

One of the most stand-out forms of digital advertising, although it can potentially reach the smallest amount of people, is the digital advertising trucks. These trucks are built with an impressive, wrap-around digital panel that functions as a digital billboard. You can have these trucks driven around specific areas to hone in on a target audience. 

How Much Does DOOH Cost?

DOOH media follows the same general rules as traditional OOH media when it comes to cost. Your two biggest factors will be the duration of the campaign and the CPM. CPM is affected by circulation and impression, so the higher volume of people who will see a specific location, the higher the premium on that location. 


DOOH media is a power to get a message out in a truly eye-catching way. While they are priced along the same general rules as traditional OOH media, they can tend to be more expensive and viewed as a more premium service. The main factor in deciding if DOOH is better than OOH media for your brand typically comes down to budget. If you can afford DOOH, go for it as this is a more high-end, flexible, and attention-grabbing method. 

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