How to Increase the Battery Life of a Personal Car

Most of the car battery manufacturers provide a guarantee of a minimum of five years for their products. However, it all depends on the operating rules.
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How many car owners can confidently say that their car battery withstands the five years. This can happen due to various reasons, including non-compliance with caring for the car battery or with the elementary disregard for the manufacturer’s instructions.

Carelessness to the condition of battery surface

As per the statistics, one of the most influential factors for car battery malfunction is the contamination of the lid and mastic sealant. Dust and dirt particles can be absorbed by the electrolyte, which can increase the self-discharge of the car battery due to the closure of its poles.
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To avoid this, it is necessary to remove the battery from the staging area and clean it from the dust accumulated over time. Also, you should pay special attention to electrolyte leaks and clean them after operating the car on rough or very dusty terrain or after every long, intensive trip.
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While cleaning a car battery, a simple wipe on the electrolyte on the surface is not enough. It would be best to use a neutralizing agent to remove it and properly clean the battery case or contact a car repair online Bangalore.

While cleaning a car battery, you must never forget that electrolyte is a dangerous solution.  For counterbalancing it, you can use the simplest aqueous solutions (10% soda or ammonia).  In addition, it is also essential to take care of the cleanliness of the ventilation holes of the battery plugs.
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During the engine operation, many chemical processes occur inside the battery, followed by the release of various gases. Holes in the battery help them escape without any issues. However, if the exit holes are blocked, they can tear out the basic process. There are many instances when the car battery literally fell apart.
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Inspection of the case and battery terminals

After every ten of thousands of kilometres, it is essential to make sure that the car battery case is not damaged and can work without any problem. Many car owners think this optional, forgetting that these “parameters” affect the battery’s overall service life. The electrolyte inside the battery must be 1cm higher than the guard. You can easily check its level using plastic, glass or wooden sticks. A car owner can easily judge whether it is enough or needs to be added with its size.

Distilled water must be topped up while the car is running, and it should be recharged for at least fifteen minutes. You must add enough water to bring the level to the bottom of the vent (minimum allowable density value is 1.26) at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. The connecting wires of batteries also require attention as oxidation can lead to systematic undercharging of the battery. For taking care of them, you can use a regular cleaning agent (sandpaper, knife). If the problem with your car batteries persists, never hesitate to contact the car service in Bangalore.

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