How to clean gpu fans 

The GPU can have an effect on how well your computer works. This is because it makes heat, which could make your system shut down without warning. To avoid this problem, you should clean your graphics card fans regularly so that they continue working properly. Find out how to clean gpu fans by reading this article. 

Shut down your PC

If you have an air-cooling solution, shut down your PC. If you are using a liquid cooling solution, make sure it is disconnected from the graphics card before Mediaposts moving on. Take out the cables that connect your wall socket and graphics card to the power source . 

Unscrew all of the screws on both sides of the cover of your graphics card and take them out of their places. Take one side of the cover off and set it aside so that the two sides don’t touch (but are still connected by their wiring). Your GPU should now be visible on top of its PCB board. Since there isn’t much else in the way, you can clean its fans better. 

Remove your graphics card from the case 

The first step in cleaning your computer is to take out the graphics card. To remove your graphics card, you’ll need to: 

i) Take off the screws that hold the case in place. 

ii) Remove any screws that hold your graphics card in place (such as plastic tabs between it and its slot on your motherboard). 

iii) Remove all of the cables from each end of the card (power cable and monitor cable). 

Remove the shroud, fan and heatsink 

If the computer you’re using has a case, take off eblogz the shroud and fans. The shroud is the piece of plastic that covers the power supply, motherboard, and graphics card in your computer case. You won’t lose any screws because they are all different sizes. If they fall into your case, they will rattle around until you find them. 

Next, take out those annoying screws and remove the heatsink and fan from the GPU itself (remember which ones fit where). For this step, you might need a screwdriver or ratchet if it’s hard to get to certain parts of the board. Don’t forget that thermal paste can also make things hard to do. Also, try not to break anything during this step. It usually takes time and patience. 

Spray compressed air at the fans 

To clean your GPU fans, you must first take them out of the computer. You can do this by taking out the screws that hold them in place with a screwdriver and then pulling them out with your fingers. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to use compressed air from a can or compressor to clean the fans. 

i) Hold the can upright 

ii) Spray it close to the fan, but not too close. 

iii) Make sure not to spray any of the fan blades directly. 

Flush out dust with a can of compressed air

Can of compressed air: The first thing to do when cleaning a laptop or desktop computer is to blow the dust out of its vents. Use a duster can or a can of compressed air to clean the dust off of the heatsink. Be careful not to damage any fans or heat sinks while doing this. If there’s nothing else around, use your hand as a barrier between the fan blades and the can when spraying it with air. 

Use Q-tip to clean between the blades 

You can clean between the blades of your graphics card with a Q-tip. You might have to slightly bend the slats to get into the tight spaces between them and clean out any dust, dirt, or debris that has built up there. 

When doing this, be careful not to use a hard or sharp object because it could hurt your graphics card. 

Don’t use liquid cleaners on your GPU fans because they could make the surface corrode

Also, don’t use paper towels because they leave behind little bits that can get caught on other parts of your computer and cause it to overheat, especially in a small space like this one after it has been put back together. 

Reassemble it back

After cleaning your GPU and fans, it’s time to put everything back together. Check that all the screws are in place and all the cables are connected to start the process. Then, before you turn on your computer, make sure the fans are running, not blocked, and are properly attached to the heatsink. If everything looks good now, you’re ready to cool off. 


In conclusion, you should know how to clean your GPU fans to keep them from getting dirty and making noise. Cleaning will also make the air flow better, which will help the card stay cool.

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