How to Buy a Skateboard for a Child

Are you a passionate skateboard lover? When you are passionate about something and you see yourself falling in love with that, which is just the thing that has happened in my case, that moment becomes one of the coolest of your life. But nothing is cooler than introducing some youngster to this awesome and thrilling sport. And that is when you start to wonder about how to choose a better board for him/her. Haven’t you wondered about how to buy a tough but suitable one for your kid? Because you know how important it is for newbies to have a board that will help them to learn skateboarding. That is what we are presenting in this guide today.

Beware of those cheap toy boards!

I want to start this guide with a warning. You might have obviously considered buying one of those toy skateboards from shopping malls for your children. I know that if you know anything about skateboarding, you won’t. But if you don’t have any interest in skateboarding and have to buy a skateboard for your children, please don’t buy those toys. They are very risky and their parts are not that good. Ultimately that will kill your children’s interest in skateboarding.

Is a kid-sized skateboard better for your kid?

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when he/she is asked to pick a skateboard for a kid is a kid skateboard. Although that sounds alright, it is not apparently true that your kid has to use a smaller skateboard while learning. The deck of those boards are not that wide. As the decks of regular boards are wide, that helps them to balance their body more easily. While riding the smaller kid-sized boards, your kid might find it easy to put his leg to the outer portion of the board more and that way he can have some more space to push the board.

In case of regular size skateboards, your kid just has to bend the knee and lower his/her body so his/her center of gravity also goes down. But remember that using a regular size board means he will continue to use it for years to come and the quality of the board will be high enough.

So, if your kid ages above 6, then any board with a width between 6/5 to 7 inch is good for him.

Should you buy a branded one or assemble one yourself?

You can easily assemble a skateboard if you have enough time. DIY-ing a skateboard is always about time. You have to get the parts from different places and assemble them. The parts individually don’t cost much and it can be cheap and better suited for your child. But you should beware of several things while doing this –

  1. Please don’t buy relatively large wheels as they can cause your children to fall down when they are steering.
  2. Please don’t go overboard with the whole customization process. Keep it simple and don’t forget to pick matching components.

So, if you think that you know enough about skateboarding to be able to assemble one for your child, then you should go for that.
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Otherwise, you should get some branded boards.

If your kid’s newfound interest in skateboarding comes from watching their friends skating, then you should find out what board they are using. That will provide you a good idea about which board is popular right now. Your kid will learn faster if they skateboard with his/her friends.

My takes on second-hand skateboards

You might also fetch second-hand skateboards from someone you know or buy them from online. But finding good second-hand skateboards is tricky. For example, the parts might be all worn, waterlogged decks, dusty and rusty bearings. But if you know enough about skateboards or can find someone to do this daunting task for you, you can have a serious win. I would like to leave some hints which can be useful for you when checking second-hand skateboards.

  • First of all, check if the deck is okay. Many times the decks of old skateboards are often chipped and that provokes risk of serious injury.
  • After a long time, the back of the skateboard often becomes as sharp as a blade. Don’t forget to check for it.
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  • Check the bearings to see if they are still functional.

Always remember that, getting a second-hand board is not bad, but not replacing the worn out parts of the board is bad. Because parts themselves individually don’t cost that much.

E-skateboards: makes learning skateboarding more fun

I would like to discuss another option that you have. E-skateboards, while being a little bit more expensive than the regular one, is a great option for your kid.

You might say that e-skateboards are too heavy for kids.
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But don’t worry. There are lighter options available too.

Besides, your kid doesn’t have to push the board that much and can focus solely on balancing.
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That might help him to learn skateboarding faster.

If your kid can handle the full size skateboards well, he/she can choose an electric longboard from some online store. I have personally checked out Lumbuy’s skateboards at and  they have several types of electric skateboards.

Learning how to skateboard depends a lot on where you are practicing.
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You can get boards according to the type of location your kid will practice at. E-skateboards such as Maxfind FF Plus are better suited for off-roads and uncommon terrains. 

Final suggestion: Focusing on your kid’s comfort

I have discussed various options that you have when buying a board for a kid. But you should always focus on finding the one he/she feels most comfortable to ride. So, go, pick up a skateboard for your kid and help him/her explore a new world of thrill!

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