How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Sleep Industry

One of the most trending topics in the health and fitness arena today is the subject of improving your sleep quality. Many people wonder what the difference is between now and getting a good night’s sleep with the help of a good memory foam mattress or other similar products that help you sleep better at night. Some experts even predict that this could be the end of the age for getting a good night’s sleep because we may live in an information-driven society. The research and development over the last decade have given us excellent new tools for improving sleep.
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Here are some of the improved technology that has revolutionized the sleep industry

  • Smart Beds

A Smart Bed is a type of portable bed that has many therapeutic and health benefits. They are perfect if you are a person who has trouble sleeping or has problems with your back or legs from standing for long periods. A Smart Bed allows you to change the angle of the headboard to prevent your neck from stiffening up, which causes the commonly known “Knee Pillow Blues.” This portable bed is also beneficial for those with back pain because it allows for a comfortable flat position for them to sleep on, unlike traditional mattresses that can cause lower back problems. Many people find that by using a combination of a conventional mattress and a Smart Bed, they sleep much better than they ever had before.

  • ·Sleep Apps

Sleep apps can do everything from monitor your sleeping patterns to aid you in falling asleep and stop snoring. REMEMBER, even the most excellent app can’t replace good sleep habits if you’re still struggling to get quality sleep. However, before you download any sleep apps, be sure that your sleeping patterns aren’t all that bad and that there are no obvious warning signs that you may need to improve your sleep hygiene. If your body shows signs of not going to sleep, don’t waste time downloading anything. If your body screams, “I’m tired,” or you know you’re tossing and turning, chances are your sleep patterns are suffering.

In other words, if you think that a sleep tracker app will help you, be sure that your sleep habits are all that bad. If your sleep patterns are acceptable, don’t spend your money on improving sleep quality by downloading a sleep app.
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Otherwise, you might as well get yourself an iPod and listen to it while you’re lying in bed!

  • Sleep Sensors

One of the most important breakthroughs in technology is that Sleep sensors can be attached to mobile phones and determine a patient’s sleeping patterns. The Sleep sensors work by detecting the brainwaves patterns of the patient, which changes with the sleeping pattern like waking up in the morning, sleeping, and then falling asleep at night.
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Once the doctors know the frequency of variations in the ways, they can measure the brain waves of the patients and chart their sleeping patterns for proper management. They can even monitor the movements of the patient’s tongue and detect whether it is moving while sleeping.

Another important use of the Sleep sensors is movement analysis. These sensors are attached to the person’s body, and they measure the respiration and heart rate of the person during the night and in the early morning hours when they are awake. The sensors can record these statistics and upload data on your smartphone to track how well you sleep and what you could do to help yourself sleep better.

Apart from these expensive gadgets, another thing that can induce sleep comfortably is a comfortable bed with a cozy mattress and a comfy pillow. But owning a mattress is a different thing and storing a mattress has some preconditions.

  • Smart Duvet

Smart duvets are great comforters and bed covers that are very easy to use. They have several new features that make them superior to regular comforters. Compared to a Smart bed, Smart Duvet can monitor the humidity, temperature, and ventilation; this is very beneficial for individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma.Here are some do of storing a mattress

  1. Keep the mattress flat to retain its shape
  2. Clean the mattress before storing in order to protect it from bacteria
  3. Mattress must be stored in a covered vehicle
  4. A Mattress cover keeps dust,dirt and moisture at bay
  5. Keep the mattress away from moisture.

How does a smart duvet breathe?

The Smartduvet uses a patented technology called ThermoFlux. This technology monitors the body heat of the person while they are sleeping. The difference between this and regular blankets is that the familiar blanket will not monitor the person’s body temperature while they are sleeping. The smart dual bed has a sensor that automatically turns on the heat when the room temperature is too low or too high.

One more feature of smart duvets and smart homes is that they are simple to install. You actually do not need any special skills to install this bed cover; the instructions are included. Another great thing about these beds is that they come with two removable stickers, a pillow top, and a fitted sheet. These removable pillows cover the entire mattress and the duvet.
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The Smartduvet can be used in any room in your home; you need to find the right spot for it.

New Mattress

Mattress also has seen its share of revolution in their field. Today, there is a wide variety of mattresses that are made, keeping in mind the users’ comfort level. There is a memory foam mattress, a natural latex mattress made out of natural ingredients to give you a smooth, comfortable sleep.

Apart from this mattress, some mattresses are temperature-controlled and can be heated and chilled according to your will. There is also a water mattress that contours your body while you sleep. There it would help if you did a little research before you choose your perfect bed.

Buying mattresses is one thing, But what actually completes a mattress to give you a perfect sleep is a pillow. There are different pillows that are available for you to choose but if you are a side sleeper and are prone to acid reflux  then you can choose the acid reflux wedge pillow. This is  a triangular pillow that keeps certain part of the body elevated and controls acid reflux 


How technology is changing the sleep industry is evident in the new products that are becoming available each year. This is all part of how people are finding ways to get a better night’s rest.
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No longer are people going to bed at night and waking up in the morning feeling exhausted. They now understand that they must take care of themselves, and if they do not do this, they may become ill.

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