How organisations can very easily maximise the adoption of software with the help of just-in-time relevant information?

The performance support system is considered to be the best possible way of ensuring the real-time just-in-time information for the organisations so that training can be perfectly undertaken and optimum performance can be ensured.
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Performance support is considered to be a form of task assistance that will help in filling the gap between the things which would arise because of the users performing a particular task on the particular software or the application.
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It will allow the users to get the right information at the right time without having to spend a lot of hours in terms of searching the things only so that they can perform their jobs very efficiently.

The performance support tools are very much effective in terms of providing the organisations with relevant as well as concise information and the best part is that it will make the availability of information whenever the people require it. Such tools are very much successful in terms of capitalising on human nature and further ensure that people will become learners based upon problems rather than creating the problems themselves. The performance support tools are very easily available 24 x 7 which further make sure that the context of work will be perfectly undertaken throughout the process.
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Following are the very basic points highlighting the relationship between the performance support system as well as digital adoption in the whole process:

This can be perfectly categorised into three broad user cases that will further provide the organisations with multiple advantages:

  • Employee training: The performance support system will be very much capable of enhancing the overall employee training regime and will bring multiple benefits like:
  1. It will help in making sure that time lag between learning software and implementing will be eliminated from the whole process and employees can very quickly recall any kind of process throughout the software.
  2. In this way, the organisations will become a continuous process rather than attending the basic daily affairs throughout the system.
  3. According to this particular model, the individual will be obtaining 70% of the knowledge on the job and 20% of the knowledge from the peer interactions and 10% of the knowledge from the formal educational events. So, the performance support tools will help in terms of ensuring that people can experience what they want to learn.
  4. With the right kind of performance support tools, the organisations can indulge in comprehensive performance improvement which will further make sure that they will be able to improve the employee performance by identifying the gaps between desired and actual performance along with root causes in the whole process very easily. In this way, nothing will become time-consuming and there will be no deterioration of the employee performance.
  5. The performance support tools will also help in improving the employee performance by reducing the time spent in the whole process and will further ensure that continuous support will be easily available in the whole system without any kind of problem.
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  • Enhancing the customer support: Usually depending upon the tickets to resolve the queries is a very daunting task which is the main reason that organisations should always depend upon performance support tools so that they can solve the queries in real-time without any kind of external help and can further ensure that they can refer to the specialist whenever required so that all the potential queries can be answered without any kind of problem very easily.
  • User onboarding: Whenever the organisations will be visiting the software or application for the very first time they will be completely unfamiliar with the functionalities associated with it which is the main reason that it is very much critical to get the performance support tools in the whole process so that they can use the applications perfectly and further reading, the instructions before attempting the things are vital so that they can have the right proficiency since the day one.

Hence, being clear about the entire relationship between the performance support authoring tools and digital adoption is important for organisations so that they can follow step-by-step instructions perfectly and can make the most relevant decisions.

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