How is AZ-303 Different from AZ-304?

The quote above shows the power of the cloud. The big reason why companies are moving towards the cloud and are looking for professionals who can carry out this migration towards the cloud while keeping legacy systems intact.

Did You Know?

  • Currently, Azure has more global regions than any other cloud services provider. There are 140 data centers of Microsoft Azure in 140 countries, and the number continues to grow.
  • The global infrastructure of Microsoft Azure is 100% carbon neutral. A majority of Fortune 500 companies leverage services offered by this cloud provider.
  • Microsoft Cloud is made of numerous servers (in millions), and everything is under monitor 24*7*365.

So, these data points make it very clear that Microsoft Azure is the cloud services provider that is growing exponentially, and an Azure certification can make a significant boost to your career.

Many professionals go with Microsoft Azure Architect Design Training such that they can give their career a big jump. Of all the Azure certifications, AZ-303 and AZ-304 are the most in-demand certifications.

Today, we will discuss the difference between both certifications after going through a brief account of both of these.

What is AZ-303 or Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Certification

This certification exam your ability to accomplish technical tasks such as:

  • implementing and monitoring on Azure infrastructure (50 – 55%);
  • implementing and managing security solutions (25-30%);
  • implementing different solutions for applications (10-15%); and
  • implementing and managing data platforms (10-15%).

To pass this exam, you should be able to understand Azure Development and DevOps process.

What is AZ-304 or Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification

This certification exam demonstrates your ability to accomplish the technical tasks including:

  • Design Monitoring (10-15%)
  • Design Data Storage (15-20%)
  • Design Identity and Security (25-30%)
  • Design Business Continuity (10-15%)
  • Design Infrastructure (25-30%)

To pass this exam, you should be an expert in designing and implementing solutions that can be executed on Microsoft Azure that includes aspects of cloud computing services such as network storage, compute, and security.

As an Azure Solutions Architect, you are responsible for advising stakeholders, translating business needs into scalable, secure, and reliable cloud solutions.

AZ 303 vs. AZ 304: The Differences

Implementation Vs. Design

The two roles are different from each other in the tasks they accomplish. The candidate with AZ-304 is responsible for designing the architectural blueprint, while the candidate with AZ-303 will implement the design. So, AZ-303 can make you a designer, and AZ-304 can make you an Implementer.

  • The designer (AZ-303) has to focus on understanding business requirements using real-world examples, business objectives, and constraints on the basis of requests made by organizations.
  • The Implementor (AZ-304) has to consider the solutions built by the designer and make sure that they are properly developed, implemented, and migrated.

Many architects go with AZ-303 first and then move forward to take AZ-304. The reason is that with AZ-303, you get to understand the Azure services in-depth. This lets you master the concepts of Azure services and the knowledge of architecting Azure solutions thereby making you crack the AZ-304 certification exam at once.

Let’s look at the differences in their exam format.


This section of the certification emphasizes Azure resources such as networks, virtual machines, applications, and Azure Resources Manager (ARM) templates.

As an implementer, you will have to stay acquainted with configuring and deploying resources and templates, while as a designer, you have to select the ways of provisioning those resources.

A designer is required to choose from the ways of provisioning the resources and the computing technology for any potential opportunities of automation.

So, both the designer and the implementer should have knowledge of web applications, app services, logical functions, and applications, as well as container-based applications like Azure Kubernetes Services.


This section includes logging, reporting, metrics, and alerts.

The designer typically determines solutions for monitoring tools, minimizing costs, and procedures such as event routing and escalation. A designer will also decide on metrics based on business requirements.
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On the other hand, an implementer has to validate the knowledge of direct monitoring such as service health, performance capacity, and also configuring alerts and logging.


This section encompasses multiple areas surrounding business continuity, security, identity, and security, and migration from other infrastructures on-premises data centers.

For business continuity, you have to keep the functioning going on and comprise backup and disaster recovery, replication of other applications, etc.

For identity and security, a designer will create a blueprint and initiate authentication with hybrid and multi-factor options, authorization, governance strategies using Azure Blueprint and Azure Policy, as well as solutions such as Azure Key Vault.

The implementer is tasked with deploying these complex solutions in an entirely new or pre-existing environment.

Migration is another element of management where the implementor is responsible for migrating workloads utilizing Azure Migrate while the designer is able to assess and interpret data, applications, on-premises servers to make a plan for migrating each workload to the cloud.

Data Platforms and Storage

In this section, the implementor has to configure data platforms and storage accounts, perform data mapping and transformations, and run analytics options. On the other hand, designers are tasked with storage tiers and tools selection.
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Also, a designer chooses data integration such as Azure Data Bricks, Data Lake, Data Factory, and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Do you Wish to Earn These Certifications?

Since the two certifications just focus on different areas but the level for both is the same. To earn any of these certifications, you can take up an online training course that trains you in the best course, makes you go through real-life projects, and round-the-clock teaching assistance.

Also, they provide you with career guidance and doubt-sessions at the end, that are conducted by industry experts.
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