How Do I Choose A Car Accident Lawyer For Judicial Proceedings?

You may have caused a car accident, been partly responsible, or may have been an unfortunate victim of a negligent driver. Whatever the case, the first thing to do after an accident is to get emergency medical help. No matter how small your injury, you must consult a doctor for any possible internal injuries.
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The very next thing to do would be to get in touch with a Tampa car accident lawyer. Hiring an accident attorney is crucial to claim any losses you may incur because of the accident, whether financial, physical, or emotional. Car accident lawyers will help you gauge your losses from the accident, what your next steps should be, and how you can rightfully claim the right compensation for yourself. One must remember that an accident lawyer will always be on your side from the very start, and their ultimate goal is always to get you compensated with the maximum amount possible. But how do you know if you are getting the right lawyer for yourself? A simple internet search may give you many contacts, but choosing the right lawyer is very important. To help you find the right lawyer, we have put together some factors you need to know.

First things first

Before you think about legal help, you must get yourself the best possible medical help. Prioritize your safety and those traveling with you. You may also want to check on the safety of the opposite party. Call for an ambulance and get yourself evaluated by a doctor for internal injuries. Most internal injuries present themselves a few hours after the accident, so it would be in your best interest to get checked out thoroughly.

Get your paperwork together

The lawyer you approach may inform you of the paperwork you need. However, it would be wise to collect documents and file them as and when you get them.
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Documents like the accident or collision report from the police, medical records and bills, photos from the accident site, car insurance policy details, and a breakdown of losses are some of the immediate things you may need.

Look for lawyers that come with references

Several referral services can help you find the best Tampa car accident lawyer for your case. You can also go by referrals in your circle. Note that it is illegal for lawyers to solicit business with clients.
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Also, prepare yourself to deal with ambulance chasers; avoid them at all costs.

Know your statutes of limitations

Time is of the essence when filing lawsuits, and you must adhere to strict time limits called the Statutes of Limitations. Make sure to file your case in court as soon as you can, or you stand the chance of getting barred permanently from seeking compensation. Most states in the USA have a three-year limit to file an accident injury claim case.

Ask your lawyer the right questions

You may want to ask your lawyer a few questions to make sure they are right for you and to understand them a little better:

Which law school did they graduate from?

Where did they practice law?

What is their experience handling accident injury lawsuits?

Do they specialize in submitting insurance claims?
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What is their plan to handle your case?

When you have spent the time finding the right lawyer for yourself, try to end your case with an out-of-court settlement. If not, you still have the right lawyer to help you through a legal case at court.

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