How Can Walkie-Talkies Improve Communication in Schools?

A walkie-talkie is a two-way communication radio which allows you to communicate for free. A walkie-talkie doesn’t charge money like mobile phones and landline telephones. Walkie-talkies are becoming increasingly popular in daycare centers, schools, and universities.

There isn’t much need for instant communication when your school is small with few staff members and students; you can find anyone you want in minutes. But if you have a big school with huge campus grounds and many teachers and staff members, finding someone instantly is difficult. Imagine in case of emergency you calling your dozens of staff members one by one from a mobile or telephone.
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Not to mention the time it takes to make dozens of calls; just finding their numbers becomes a hassle. That’s why a walkie-talkie is more efficient in a school setting. You can directly broadcast on the public channel in case of emergency.
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Following are the way through which walkie-talkies can improve communication in schools.

Manage School Traffic

Walkie-talkies can play an important role in managing school traffic. As we know, traffic can be hectic at the start and end of school when parents or guardians pick up and drop off their children. Communication between staff members is a major problem when managing children and traffic. Although a loudspeaker can work and play a role in coordination and managing, it’s not as efficient.

A walkie-talkie can solve the problem perfectly by allowing two-way communication between staff members managing traffic and staff members managing students. Through efficient communication, you can quickly summon students whose parents or guardians arrived to pick them up.

Managing Classrooms

Walkie-talkies play an important role in communication with classes. If you have an instant communication system in class, you can quickly call for help in case of an emergency.

Conversely, if there is an emergency or a natural disaster outside the classrooms, the school head or related personnel can directly alert all the classrooms about the situation and guide them on what to do.

A walkie-talkie in each class can play an unexpectedly important role and can improve the efficiency of the entire school. Following are the situation in which walkie-talkies can enhance communication in classrooms:

  1. An emergency (a medical emergency) happens in the classroom while the teacher is not in class; students can use a walkie-talkie to call for help.
  2. If a teacher wants to call a student from another class, he can summon him through a walkie-talkie rather than sending someone to that class.
  3. A headmaster wants to issue a notice to all students in the school; he can use his walkie-talkie and broadcast the message to walkie-talkies in all classrooms.

Coordinating with the school bus

Parents can communicate with the school bus to know when their children are arriving home. A school bus driver can coordinate with parents to ensure that each child gets dropped off at the appropriate place.

Communication between parents and the school bus is nothing new. All parents communicate with bus drivers to check on their children’s safety and arrival time. But communication through a walkie-talkie is more efficient than communication through mobile phones in terms of cost and speed.

In the case of using a mobile phone, every parent will have to call the driver to inquire one by one. It is inconvenient for the driver as he would have to answer dozens of calls one after another. In some cases, the school would have to hire an extra helper to answer the phone calls, thus extra expenditure.

On the other hand, if the school bus uses a walkie-talkie and encourages parents to do the same, it becomes very easy. The driver just needs to specify a frequency for the school bus and broadcast the stops as he passes them by. This way, parents can track where the school bus is on the route and come to their stop on time to pick up their child.

Improved Campus Security

Nowadays, all schools, colleges, and universities have cameras installed around the campus grounds, and at least one dedicated security staff member monitors the camera footage at all times. If the security staff finds something worthy of their attention, they communicate with the related personnel to report it. This communication can be done through landline, mobile phone, and walkie-talkie. Of these, a walkie-talkie is the best option as a landline is useless if the targeted staff member is outside the room. At the same time, using a mobile phone can result in delayed communication if the other party is already on another call.

Walkie-talkies don’t have any of these problems; you can always convey your message instantly.

Hopefully, you understand how walkie-talkies can help improve communication in schools. But don’t rush to buy them just yet, as you need in-depth understanding or professional advice to buy the best walkie-talkie for your situation. Before you buy your school walkie-talkies, speak to NRC Radio, who will offer the best advice for your situation.

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