How can a birth injury attorney help you?

The birth of a child is a moment to cherish for those involved. The mother who has carried the baby and gone through many changes now can finally feel the touch of her child. You may have made all the necessary healthy lifestyle choices during the time of pregnancy, ensuring the safety of the baby, yet during the time of childbirth, there can arise complications that can lead to dangerous events. The sad truth is, that medical malpractice is very common in matters such as childbirth. Lawsuits related to matters of similar interests can be difficult to fight against. Thus the presence of a birth injury attorney by your side might help you in resolving the case. To know more about how a birth injury attorney can help you, you can reach out to Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC.

Birth injury lawyers are lawyers that deal with cases related to medical malpractice that take place during the time of birth. Many of these lawyers are also known to observe and act upon cases of other medical malpractices as well. Mentioned below are a few ways in which a birth injury attorney can help you:

  1. An experienced attorney will help you gather facts proving the authenticity of your lawsuit. The collection of facts can leave an impact on the lawsuit, as it will determine the series of negligence that eventually lead to a dreadful situation.
  2. Filing the case in situations like these can be a difficult task for the family members, as they recently had to deal with a huge loss. The mental trauma that they might receive can leave a toll on their work efficiency. In such a scenario, an experienced attorney will help you file the case in the right way. Also, the presentation of complicated legal documents in the courtroom can also be handled by them.
  3. The loss or harm to someone’s health cannot be counted on with a sum of money. But at times, you can file for monetary compensation for the loss that you had to bear. This appeal for financial compensation can be assisted by your lawyer in the most efficient manner. They make sure that the medical bills paid during the process are refunded. 


Birth injuries can leave a toll on the future lives of the child. This is an unfortunate event, and no parent wishes to go through such an unfortunate incident, but if in case you are a victim of such a situation, you should consider hiring an attorney. 

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