Honor 50 Lite Review: Affordable Entry-level Smartphone

Honor’s flagship Honor 50 smartphone has a slightly toned-down version of it referred to as the Honor 50 Lite. With the Honor 50 Lite, the smartphone delivers most of the excellent qualities of its superior but comes with some noticeable distinctions that make it unique in some way. Although the Honor 50 Lite may be slightly less impressive, the smartphone is still worthy as a flagship lite version and comes with some immediately distinctive features like its much bigger and aligned camera loop and the non-curved OLED screen. Given the Honor 50 Lite phone price, the smartphone offers a great deal of value for its price.


The Honor 50 Lite comes in at a slightly heavyweight of around 192g and is slimmer than the Honor 50 by about 8.5mm, which is reasonable due to the bigger screen on the Honor 50.

Build quality is top-notch given how the smartphone is designed to comfortably and ergonomically fit in the hand without the need of a case. Although the reflective and appealing back panel may be well constructed, it does not do well against smudges and fingerprint marks. Protecting the phone with a case will prove effective in preventing any undesirable markings and smudges.

In addition to design, the Honor 50 Lite is available in three different color options including the classic Space Silver, Deep Blue, and Midnight Black.

Throughout the center of the back panel of the smartphone is a vertical striped pattern finish, which is noticeably softer on the Deep Blue variant compared to the other colors.
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The Honor 50 Lite comes in two model options to pick from including a 6GB or 8GB RAM variant, with both options having a similar storage capacity of 128GB. Unfortunately, no MicroSD slot is available, making the 128GB lacking in space for some users with heavy storage requirements.

Powering the Honor 50 Lite is a Snapdragon 662, which may be slightly dated, but still very capable of decent performance throughout.
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The internals results in a responsive and snappy system, but come with a few noticeable stutters given only a 60Hz max refresh rate. Most casual and low-spec games run seamlessly on the Honor 50 Lite, with more demanding games requiring toning down the settings to low.


Unlike most modern smartphones, the Honor 50 Lite has adopted unconventional camera positioning along the upper center of the rear, which gives it that traditional and basic camera appeal. Similar to its superior, the Honor 50 Lite has an eye-catching unique camera ring design that is likely to be a major selling point for the Honor 50.

The camera setup on the Honor 50 Lite consists of two independent camera rings, with one main camera with 108Mp and the other for the rest. The four total cameras are included in one single wheel. With the Honor 50 Lite, the main camera comes down to just 64Mp with the rest of the cameras being the same.
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Especially in the budget and mid-range smartphone category, a 64Mp camera is sufficient for the main camera since it offers a solid value of quality and simplicity.


Easily one of the major key points of the Honor 50 Lite is its whopping battery size of 4300mAh. With a battery size this large, it is well above average for smartphones in its tier, giving it a significant edge and larger capacity.
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The large battery is more than enough for lasting through a day on moderate usage, making it an excellent option for those looking to maximize screen time.


In general, the Honor 50 Lite comes with an excellent build design and quality similar to its superior but is noticeably toned down in a few key features like its camera. The overall performance and camera capabilities are essentially adequate for executing fundamental functions exceptionally well like browsing, casual gaming, and simple picture-taking. With an exceptionally big battery and large display screen, the Honor 50 Lite is an appealingly beneficial smartphone for the right users.
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