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The digital marketing and social media world is constantly evolving and finding new horizons to accommodate and monetize the massive growth in the creator economy. India’s digital revolution has opened space for audiences to consume, create content and monetize. Apps like Hipi have exclusive stars on their platforms, like Sanaya Irani. Arishfa Khan, Jannat Zubair, and more who enjoy a massive fan following, sharing, and creating content.

The progress of social media is causing the human attention span to become shorter and shorter. So, using the power of short video content to get a leg up on your competition and help indulge your audience is paramount today.

Short videos deliver the message in an engaging and fun way that is interactive and relatable to the audience. Short videos that project empathy and originality increase buyer inclination to trust the company and are an excellent means of communication to hold people’s attention and spread brand awareness. It is easier for brands and marketers to spread messages about their products and services in less time and more efficiently follow current trends on social media, which is more appealing and intriguing.

With a population of over a billion, India has the world’s second-most significant number of internet users. With such substantial numbers, India has become the go-to market for various social media apps. Hipi, one such app with a massive fan following, is leading the Indian markets today. Hipi offers various opportunities, talent hunts, and digital contests on the app.

Sanaya Irani is hands down one of the most popular actors in the television industry. She is amongst the female actors with the biggest fan base. She first rose to fame with her show Miley Jab Hum Tum as Gunjan which aired on star one. The youth was crazy about this show and her character Gunjan. She has her own aura, style, and traits, unlike other actors who blend into characters, Sanaya builds her own character around her traits. From playing the role of Gunjan to Khushi and from Cadet Sameera to Parvati, all her roles have been different and unique.

Sanaya has been cast opposite with a lot of leads over the years. She has maintained unforgettable chemistry with all her co-stars. Till date her character in Is Pyaar ko kya Naam doon, Khushi and Arnav’s romance & chemistry is considered as the best romantic chemistry on-screen. Not just with Barun Sobti, her chemistry with her now husband Mohith Sehgal in Miley Jab Hum Tum is legendary. Every frame that she is a part of has a positive association with it. Be it a low, sad track, her presence on-screen lights you up and you will feel the similar emotion she emotes on-screen.

Not only is Sanaya’s acting journey successful, but even her social media game is also quite strong. She enjoys a massive fan following on various social media platforms. She has more than 3 million followers on Instagram and more than 1 million on Facebook. She surely knows how to keep her viewers engaged. She promotes a lot of brands on her social media accounts and also reviews products for her audiences. Sanaya’s social media pages are always filled with positive and mood-lighting content filled with positivity. She majorly creates fun content, and dance reels and pulls some pranks on her friends. Sanaya has her presence on Hipi too where she posts interesting content for Hipi users.

Hipi is a destination for Short videos like many other forums. On Hipi, short-form videos are Creative, exciting, and spontaneous. Whether you’re a singing enthusiast, a dance lover, or just looking for an extra laugh, Hipi holds something for everyone. Celebrities on Hipi also have a huge fan following as your favorite celebs make exclusive content on Hipi. Sanaya Irani has a massive following on Hipi for her fun and engaging content on the app.  From your morning tea to your afternoon errands, Hipi has videos that make your day. Also, it is a Short video application. It is a funny comedy app with a video download feature and many cool toggles, including a music video maker, which you can use to create funny videos. You can share your comedy videos with your friends, as your status video, or get inspired to make awesome videos. No matter what you choose, Hipi offers you more.

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