Helium – the new global decentralized network

Wireless networks are redefining our world for some time providing to each of us voice, text and video communication on the go as well as access to news, email, video streaming, online banking, etc.

But their full potential is yet to be unleashed. A legion of new devices are about to be connected to the internet adding their functionalities to the digital infrastructure. In order to see this new Internet of Things revolution happening however we need a new generation of secure, reliable wireless network with global coverage.

And such network already exists. It’s Helium – a completely decentralized wireless infrastructure, based on the reliable industry standard LoRaWAN. This technology has 2km coverage in urban areas as well as up to 15km in rural areas.

Up until now Helium has more than 250 000 hotspots working all around the world and counting. This includes almost all major cities. For comparison at the end of July 2021 their number was 100 000.
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Today the network is adding over 1000 hotspots a day and according to sector specialists, this number will also increase in the near future.

With the introduction of new hotspots and LoRaWAN based solutions on a daily basis, the interest is constantly growing and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Helium is the next big thing in the fastest growing Internet of Things segment.

Also a whole new ecosystem of startups is growing around the Helium Network.
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One of them is HeliumMart, a company focused on distributing Helium hotspots and other LoRaWAN products, as well as added value services like hotspot management, etc.

“For us Helium is not just a business.
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It’s a mission to participate in the creation of a new generation of decentralized network, collectively owned by thousands of individuals and companies” – representative of the team said.
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He is convinced that this decentralization is the most significant advantage of the project and creating a global network, owned by the regular people is a great way to build the key IoT infrastructure of the future. check it for the latest news.

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