Has Your Air Conditioner Stopped Working? Take A Look At Some Of The Common Problems & Solutions

Just as the summer season is around the corner, we all need our air conditioners to run without a hitch, isn’t it?
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This is because all of us want to enjoy the ultimate comfort through it. However, if you do not take proper care of your appliance, it is bound to face issues that interfere with its service.

Therefore, if you notice that specific problems are arising in your air conditioner, you need to immediately search for “AC service near me” and ask for assistance from the technicians. Today, we will discuss some of the common problems that might hamper the functioning of the air conditioner. At the same time, we would also discuss some of the possible solutions to the issues. So let’s take a look!

What Are The Most Common Problems That An Air Conditioner Can Run Into?
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Well, if you have been using an air conditioner for quite some time, you must be aware of the fact that often your appliance might run into minor issues due to extensive use regularly. However, there is nothing to worry about, as you can easily contact the nearest AC service store for help in this regard. However, you must also be aware of some of the most common issues to identify the problem and find solutions if it is a minor problem.

Cold Air Is Not Coming Out Of Air Conditioner

One of the primary reasons many people prefer buying an AC is to enjoy the ultimate comfort. After a tiring day, we would all want to sleep peacefully under the cool and chilly breeze blown by the air conditioner, isn’t it? So naturally, if your appliance malfunctions in any way, it won’t blow the cold air.

Therefore, you need to ensure that all the vents are open and the thermostat is set properly. However, if you notice that this is not the problem, you need to check the air filter and see if it is clogged with dirt or other debris or not?

You can clean it up with a soft brush, mild soap, and water to avoid this problem.
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If you are confused as to how to go about solving the issues, you can just search “AC service near me” and schedule a visit.

Leakage Of Water

This is one of the most common issues that your air conditioner might run into after using it for quite some time. So if you notice any kind of leakage from your air conditioner, it’s better to turn it off. The leakage can happen because your condensate drain line gets clogged up, causing the water to go back into the machine.

In such cases, you can try using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to unclog the line. However, if you do not find that working, it might happen that your drain pipe may have rusted or condensate pipe might have broken down. Therefore, you should contact a reputed AC service branch to service the machine properly in such situations.

Electric Control Failure

If you have been using an air conditioner for a long time, you must be knowing that when you frequently turn your AC on and off, the compressor wears out. If all the three central units, i.
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e., the condenser fan motor, the compressor, and the blower motor, work properly, the machine will function efficiently. So if there is a connection problem in any of the major parts, it can prevent the machine from turning on.

So in such cases, you need to check the electrical connections beforehand to prevent such an issue.
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Air Conditioner Is Not Turning Off

If you suddenly notice that your AC is not turning off, even after trying to switch it off, it might signify that your filter has got clogged and dirty. Therefore, you have to either clean it or replace it to resolve the issue. At times, if your unit is older or improperly sized, it can also cause the system to work harder than usual, which might lead to difficulty in shutting down.

So in such cases, you can also look on the internet for “AC service near me” and contact them for professional guidance. Your air conditioner can also have problems in shutting down due to the following reasons as well

  • A short circuit in the thermostat cable
  • Due to a defective thermostat
  • A struck fan relay

The above factors can also become some of the possible reasons behind the malfunctioning of your AC. So instead of neglecting it or deferring it for a long time, take help from the nearest AC service centers.

Blower Fan Not Working

This is one of the problems you can face while using an air conditioner for a long time. If you notice that the blower fan of the AC has stopped working, you firstly need to ensure that the breaker hasn’t been tripped. If everything is alright, you need to look into the air filter and check whether it is blocked or not. You might also notice ice on the evaporator coil and the refrigerant lines if the filter is clogged.

In such cases, you can try and melt the ice and then check if the fan is working. However, if it still doesn’t work, you need to search for “AC service near me” and contact the technicians for expert advice in this regard. Your technician might need to visit your house to replace the fan relay and the fan belt.

Summing It Up

So if you want to enjoy uninterrupted service from your air conditioner, you must remain alert and inspect the appliance regularly. If you notice any issues, you can search for “AC service near me” for assistance.

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