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Google Cloud Endpoints

APIs are an essential part of the modern Web. It is increasingly common for browser based web applications to be implemented as rich JavaScript clients: the user’s first visit downloads the client code to the browser, and all subsequent interactions with the server are performed by structured web requests issued by the JavaScript code (as XMLHttpRequests, or XHRs).

No browser clients for web apps, especially native mobile apps running on smartphones and tablets, are also increasingly important. Both kinds of clients tend to use REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs pro‐ vided by the web app, and tend to need advanced features such as OAuth for authen‐ ticating calls.

To address this important need, Google Cloud Platform provides a service and a suite of tools called Google Cloud Endpoints. Endpoints make it especially easy for a mobile or rich web client to call methods on the server. Endpoints includes libraries and tools for generating server functionality from a set of methods in Python and Java, and generating client code for Android, iOS, and browser-based JavaScript.

Last Thoughts:

The tools can also generate a “discovery document” that works with the Google APIs Cli‐ ent Libraries for many client languages. And OAuth support is built in, so you don’t have to worry about authentication and can just focus on the application logic.

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