File Managing 101: 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Switch to PDFBear

Managing files can be stressful and time-consuming if not utilizing the correct and effective tools. It can take tons of your precious time, money and can even ruin your files and device; that is why it is necessary to look for the proper tool to accomplish the job effectively without experiencing all of the struggles; after all, we use technology to make our life easier.

Regardless of our purpose in managing files, either for your homework, work-related tasks, or even just organizing personal files, various kinds of tools give solutions to your file managing dilemmas. But not a single of these tools came close to what PDFBear can do.
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It offers services that will accomplish all your file managing tasks effectively and efficiently.

Multiple Services In One Website

File managing tasks does not end as long as we use computer devices; when we accomplish one task, another job comes in. That is why it is essential to have a compact tool that offers all the services we need in managing files, so we don’t waste so much time jumping from one tool to another.

Luckily, PDFBear has everything you need to manage your files. It can convert multiple files with multiple formats, including Word, PDF, JPG, PDFA, PNG, Excel, and so much more. But its function is not only limited to converting files; it can also merge, split, delete PDF pages, repair and unlock PDF files and so many more valuable tools for file management.

Protects Your Privacy

Choosing an effective computer tool to manage your precious files is a tough decision, but finding one that will handle your files securely and safely is even more complicated. Finding an effective tool is not as challenging as finding one that will protect your file, device, and identity.
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This is essential to business-related files to protect both the company and the client.

Any computer tool should protect its user because of how easy it is to hack into anyone’s computer system and steal private and essential pieces of information. With PDFBear’s Password Protect PDF tool, your problem with computer hackers will all be over. This tool provides protection services that no other online tool can give to its users.

It utilizes a 256-Bit encryption protocol to set up your file password. This type of protection protocol effectively protects your file because it is almost impossible to crack. It also protects your privacy because it deletes your history on their website one hour after using their services.
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Storage Space Saver

One of the issues we face when using computer tools is installing storage-consuming applications in your device; when installing applications in your device, it consumes so much storage space that you don’t have enough storage for new files anymore. When this happens, we are left with no choice but to delete some of our essential and memorable files.

But luckily, PDFBear is not an ordinary computer tool; it is one of a kind file manager that does not require installing any tool on your device. PDFBear is a web-based tool, so installing is not needed to enjoy all of their services, which means that you don’t have to go through the stressful process of picking which file should be deleted to make room for new files.

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Cloud Process

When looking for a specific file, we go through every folder in our hard drives, flash drives, computer devices, our mobile phones, or any storage devices. This process can be stressful and time-consuming, and purchasing applications to organize your files can be expensive. This is one great advantage of using PDFBear.

They have a PDF compress tool that stores your compressed files in their cloud server, which enables their users to access them anytime and anywhere they want. With this PDFBear feature, you will not have to bring any of your bulky storage devices or go home and look for your files on your PC at home because it is all accessible on the PDFBear website.

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Depending on the tools you are using, file managing can be either complicated or easy. Although there are various file managing tools you can find on the web today, it is not guaranteed that all of them can accomplish important file managing tasks effectively and efficiently without experiencing any troubles.

But PDFBear is one of those fantastic tools that will accomplish your files without experiencing any disadvantages. From converting, storing files, and resizing, and securing your precious files, there is no question that PDFBear is indeed the best stool in doing all of these tasks without experiencing any problems.

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