Fedoras, Their History and How to Wear Them 


  • Fedoras are brimmed hats that were created by the Cavanaugh Hat Company in 1922. They are known for their distinct shape, which is why they’re often confused with trilbies. Another style of brimmed hat that’s similar to a fedora is called a crusher or an ivy cap.
  • The brimmed hat originally used to be worn in place of a bowler hat when you wanted something with more style and personality. The brim was also flipped up at times because it looked better when worn this way. Over time, both men and women have become fond of the brimmed hat over other styles in order to add flair to different types of outfits without having too much personality with just one accessory.
  • Fedoras can be seen in a number of old films and TV shows. Sometimes the brimmed hat is worn with a formal suit, while other times they’re paired with more casual outfits such as chinos and a button-down shirt. The brimmed hat has made a significant comeback in recent years because it’s stylish yet subtle enough for most people to wear without coming off as too eccentric or loud.
  • Today, brimmed hats are often worn by men and women at events that have a distinct dress code rather than just being another type of accessory they can add to their wardrobe. For instance, you would want to wear a brimmed hat if you were wearing a cowboy costume or something else that was mainly designed around western clothing or fashion trends.  In these situations, brimmed hats add a touch of difference to what you’re wearing without having too much of an impact.
  • If you want to try out brimmed hats for the first time or if you need a new one but have no idea where to start, it’s best to look at so-called “trilbies” and “Fedoras.” These two types of brimmed hats are some of the more common ones that people wear on a regular basis. You can get them from places like Hat Store Online, which is one of the leading online retailers in terms of selling brimmed hats and other styles for men and women.
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  • There are many different colors and types of brimmed hats that you can purchase from here because they offer a wide selection of brimmed hats for sale. You can get brimmed hats in a classic style or ones that are more unusual and edgy, such as pinstripe brimmed hats and others that add an artistic touch to the brimmed hat. Their brimmed hats come in all different colors, including black brimmed hats, brown brimmed hats and many other types.
  • Making sure your brimmed hat is the right size is crucial because it has to be large enough so that you can block out most of the sun but small enough so that you don’t look ridiculous if you’re wearing it indoors or in certain situations where wearing one just isn’t possible.
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  • The fedora is a brimmed, soft felt hat. The brim can be either curled up all around or down in the back with a snap brim.
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    In the 1920s and 30’s this was a common fashion staple but it had faded out until the 1990s when Hollywood gave us Indiana Jones and brought it roaring back into style.
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You’re Fashion Destiny

What is your destiny with fedoras? There are several ways you can wear brimmed hats to make sure that the brim of your hat always looks stylish. You can wear them tipped up on your head for a more casual look or brim down in the back, dressier version.

You can also find one brimmed hat perfect for any occasion. For more of an outdoor activity, you might want to go with something sturdier like leather or canvas material. However if you’re looking for something that will match more of your work outfits then wool felt may be the way to go.

Branded Fedoras

There are so many different brands and styles available when it comes to brimmed hats. If you have a favorite style then you will want to check out the brimmed hats that are offered by this particular designer.
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You can find brimmed hats from brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Miu.

Where to Wear Them?

  • Coffee shops
  • Outdoor events
  • Work/office


Brimmed hats are versatile accessories that can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual to semi-formal and even some formal dresses. You can get brimmed hats in many different styles and colors and they also come in different materials including wool felt, leather and more.

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