Excessive hair fall? Then find out about its causes and remedies today.

Hair loss and thinning can be genetic. However, the fact that your grandparents are bald doesn’t mean you will automatically go bald. It can also come from the ancestors of your family.

You can point the finger at DHT as the reason for hair loss around the world. So, the leading cause of hair loss is hormones. When this hormone binds to the hair follicles, the hair growth cycle is interrupted. As a result, the bristles become weak, and the hair is damaged. The area around the head was also damaged, and production of the new Five stopped. There are several ways to reduce DHT levels and try to reduce hair fall.

Hair loss in men-

In most men, you will notice that the hair falls from the front of the head and from the crown to the middle, but as a general rule, it remains thick and healthy on the back and shoulders of the head until old age. The reason is that the hair follicles on the back and sides of the head are resistant to hydron dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes hair loss.

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Women’s hair loss-

Diffuse baldness: may indicate that the follicles in the region are not immune to DHT, so even if they are replaced, they are more likely to fall.

Baldness occurs locally: the growth line remaining on the forehead and thinning and damage behind the forehead line. This type can be recognized by division; Over time, it is becoming more widespread.

Modelled baldness: it occurs only in 2-5% of women.
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This pattern is very similar to male baldness, in which the lesions appear mainly on the front and crown, and the hairs are thick on the sides and back of the head.

Effects of androgenetic alopecia and DHT in men and women.

A common feature of androgenetic alopecia in women and men is the location of hair loss on the scalp.
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On the other hand, this model varies between them according to different models. In general, androgenetic alopecia in women coincides with the sensitivity of the scalp hair to androgens, which is why everyone notices healthy and pigmented hair follicles transforming into miniaturized and hypopigmented follicles.

Testosterone is converted by the ovaries and adrenal glands in women. It is present in lower amounts than in men, explaining the lower DHT levels in the female body, so the intensity of hair drop is higher in men. Several studies believe that and the same among men, but women do not share the exact pathophysiology of alopecia among men from another point of view.

Does coloring damage your hair?

Can hair dye cause hair loss? The answer is yes and no, because it depends on the strategy you are going to use. Hair color gradually, the least damaged and from the most damaged:

  • Temporary or semi-permanent staining-

It will not harm your hair as it will not interfere with the hair fibers and will not allow you to choose a lighter shade than the color you are currently wearing.

They do not contain peroxide or ammonia, which are harmful to the hair, as they open the scales to consolidate the pigments and change our natural color.

This method fades the color faster than other methods, but you can easily combine the color without harming the health of your hair.

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  • Tone-

It is also called colorlessness. This paint works on the surface and is absorbed by the hair but does not penetrate the hair fibers. This is not the most common way to hide grey hair.

  • Permanent color-

This is the most common but the most harmful. This color uses oxidation to achieve a new color.
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Thus, bleaching allows the hair scales to be exposed so that the chemical process removes the pigments in the hair through chemical reactions with the molecules.

Hair loss solutions-

After studying specialized tests and diagnostics results, you will be offered a different approach to specialist treatment. These may include:

  • Vitamin complexes designed to make up for the lack of substances in the blood;
  • Iron preparations for anemia;
  • Unbalanced difficulty in overcoming imbalance;
  • Topical medications, which stimulate blood circulation and stimulate hair growth;
  • Laser and mesotherapy
  • In cases where baldness is genetically determined and does not respond to treatment, hair replacement is indicated.

you can find many popular recipes for treating hair loss on the internet:

  • Mustard and pepper masks that increase blood circulation to the scalp;
  • Bulb and onion mask to nourish the scalp;
  • Propolis based lotion is an antibacterial agent.

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