Everything you need to know about Washi Tapes

What is washi tape?

Washi tapes are decorative tapes made from rice paper. Those tapes are available in special shades and designs. It’s far a first-rate design preference and is widely used in craft projects, paper crafts, and other crafts. Washi tapes are a commonplace scrapbooking embellishment.

Washi tapes also are referred to as Japanese masking tapes. Due to the fact those tapes originated in Japan below the call MT covering tape, they’re often called eastern covering tapes.

A brief history of washi tapes

In 2006, a Japanese company received an email from a small group of women. The group had used this industrial tape to design and create their book. The letter said that the women would like to visit their team before using these tapes in their next book.
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At first, the owner ignored the email but later received a package from the group. The package contained attractive pages and was well-made in masking tape. This surprised the owner, and he allowed the women to visit his club. He was surprised to see the art made by women.

The group encouraged the owner to make tapes in other colors and designs. Then, the owner received another book that had beautiful art that was covered with custom washi tape17 different artists have used masking tape to create beautiful images.

The owner participated in a major art exhibition in Tokyo. The company introduced many different colored tapes and took a dive to produce shiny rolls that could be used for arts and crafts. Over time, they introduced an increasing number of fashionable, beautiful, and functional designs.

Wrapped in Pink Washi Tape

The washi tape design journey sounds exciting, but it had a few roadblocks. First, choosing the right hue was a difficult process. The consistency of rice paper made it difficult to create an exact shade or tint. This was difficult, especially with light colors. It’s easy to get a dull hue but getting a similar bright color was difficult.

Moreover, the process was time-consuming and tedious. The owner then took out colorful tapes that showed the flowers in the garden. Then, they planned to give common color names and attractive packaging to it. This was important as many crafters and artists use this for their washi tape craft needs.

Today, there are several companies that manufacture these popular decorative tapes, and thus, they are now easily available in the market.

The latest news on washi tapes

Over the years, there have been changes in the way these tapes are made, manufactured, and used in crafts. What is discussed here is some of the current and ongoing issues.


Several companies, art blogs, and influencers create washi tape projects. This has given companies to organize competitions to encourage the use of these sets. Companies and artists organize online competitions to encourage participants to use creativity in their art.
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Galaxy Wide Washi Tape

The competition brought together different skills and techniques to create washi tape art. The competition also brought like-minded artists together and tested their creativity so they could work hard on their craft.

Furthermore, it gave an opportunity to artists to combine washi tape techniques with other creative and design elements and enhance the overall look of their artwork.

Therapeutic effect of washi tape art

Creating and making custom washi tape art is very therapeutic for many people. It helps release stress and stimulates creativity. For starters, you can use these tapes to decorate your journal, organizer, books, notes, sketchbook, etc.

Different types of washi tapes bring you new and cute design ideas. At first, you can just cut these tapes in a simple way. Over time, you will learn to cut them differently. This will help you clarify your thoughts and gain a different perspective.

Classic Washi Tape Bundle

These tapes are powerful and have great features and designs. You will feel relaxed and peaceful after making your diys with it.

Different types of washi tape are used

You can use different sets to create unique images, patterns, and designs on your bedroom or living room walls.

Try searching online for washi tape on walls for more ideas and inspiration. One of the easiest diys with craft tape is to decorate your cabinet door, closet, or drawer with it. It will enhance any plain or boring-looking home appliance and furniture.

If your business card has a sharp border, you can add a soft border to it with washi tapes. Sometimes, it’s tricky to attach postcards and small pictures, so washi tape is the perfect solution to hold them in place. You can also add a whimsical spin to the background of the image to give it a surprising look.

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