Do you have any idea what is inside the BERMUDA TRIANGLE?? Or Do you know where the aliens live??

The answer to all the above questions lies in one word, that is, SECRET…

There are theoretical assumptions to the above questions, but they are not proved.

You might be thinking about the relativity of the above questions with the topic.

The topic itself says it all!!

This blog is going to unlock all the secrets of email marketing.

Maintain frequency while sending emails –

While unraveling the secrets of email marketing, email cadence encompasses the frequency of emails to be sent.

You need to master email marketing frequency to receive the best results. Sending emails daily, quite several times a day and using email hygiene softwares will automatically reduce your sender’s score.

Do you know, 69% users unsubscribe due to too many emails.

Email frequency determines –

  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Unsubscribe rates

Thus, it is of utmost importance to maintain a frequency while sending emails to your subscribers.

Precise subject line –

Subject lines are always the center of attraction. A catchy and interesting subject line will do wonders in email marketing.

A subject line has the power to increase the open rates.

The subject line should be precise. It is the essence of your email, adds value to it. In addition, through the subject line, you can build trust with the audience.

A subject line is like a make or break tool for your email!!

Add links to your email –

Digital media has made everything possible and easy for people around the globe. Everything is just a click away and is very handy.

Adding links to your email will allow the user to further communicate with you. To make people aware of your website and services, you can send shorter links to them, saving time on both sides.

You can also add video links to even make your website attractive and easy going.

Links are important to understand the nitty-gritty of the website, from all the services provided to the offers and other policies. Thus, increasing website traffic.

Have a lucid writing approach –

Lucid is clear and understandable. Readers can easily get the point of the article/message.

Do not write lengthy emails to your subscribers as they want crystal clear information. In addition, people usually skim and scan messages. So, keep it relevant and concise.

Another important thing about lucid email writing is that it delivers the sender’s objective to the user sweetly and shortly.

Use of social media marketing –

Social media marketing is a huge platform. It is like the sun in a solar system that gives power to all other mediums or planets of communication channels.

Through social media, you can expand your business into leaps and bounds.

It is the fastest yet effective communication channel that holds you strongly with your subscribers.

You can add up your profile (facebook, instagram, twitter) links to your email, making it easy for people to reach you.

Add bullet points –

“The essence of a great bullet is brevity + promise.” – copyblogger

Bullet points are like mini headlines and need to be more concise and intrigue readers to read more. If you want to convey your message or notion briefly, you can highlight it through bullet points.

The narrative of your website and services can be best described to people in bullet form.

Clear email list –

Email list cleaning is as important as cleaning your house. To keep your house germ-free, you clean it often. In the same way, you need to clean your email list to keep unwanted users away and the database clean.

Cleaning email list will –

  • Remove non-existent users
  • Old emails
  • Connect you with valid users
  • Make your sender score efficient
  • Prevent from getting bid as spam
  • Improve open rates, click-through rates

To keep on increasing conversion rates, cleaning the email list is MUST!!

You can choose a good email verifier to clean up your email lists. Many online companies offer list cleaning services. E.g., MyEmailVerifier, Snovio, ZeroBounce

Call-to-action –

CTA is one of the important marketing tools to increase the open rates, click-through rates and generate website traffic.

If CTA is written well, more visits, customer engagements, and profits will come your way. It increases the subscriber rates.

Call-to-action is a great way to keep your visitors engaged. It will intrigue the users to know more about your services. An eye-catching CTA will surely hold the interests of the people.

Incentivise your subscribers –

In return for email subscription you can give freebies to visitors.

There are several ways to add up to your incentives –

  • Provide free e-book download
  • Hold up mini contests
  • Give away prizes
  • Offer free coupons
  • Free consultation
  • Free sign-up
  • Festive discounts

Design your manifesto and enlist objectives that will give the subscribers a glimpse of your services.

Keep on experimenting till you find the incentive that is tantalizing.

Website upgradation –

The website needs to be upgraded timely to keep your users connected. In addition, it will help build trust between you and your customers. People like new, refreshing, and up-to-date website content.

Better content gives you more traffic. Most likely, your customers rely on your site for useful information. Therefore, you can add on varied features as per the needs and requirements of people.

Websites that are upgraded timely establish long-term credibility. You can analyze your customers’ online reviews and work on that, besides adding customer testimonials on your website to enthrall potential buyers.

Feedbacks –

Feedback helps create a friendly work environment.

Feedbacks help you to make the required changes your website needs. It further builds a strong relationship with the customers.

Feedbacks motivate to make the liable changes, making it even easier for the customers to use.

Set up customized thank you page –

Customized thank you page usually generate conversion rates and increase leads which is a boon in email marketing.

Thank you page is an essential page on any website. It shows gratitude to the users.

A thank you page will direct the user for further instructions or a sweet call-to-action for additional features.

Wrap up –

Well, now you have unraveled email marketing secrets. It is a huge source through which you can take your business up to new heights.

You can create your list of users and stay connected with them via newsletters and other social media sites.

Email marketing is easy to understand unless you reveal the secrets.

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