E-mail Outreach Campaigns

Although some SEO experts are skeptical about e-mail outreach methods, they are an awesome way to get backlinks. Create outstanding templates that are catchy and creative in addition to using power-pitched content. Find broken links on your target sites using tools such as Open Site Explorer, and approach the sites’ webmasters.
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Once you tell them about the broken links, you can request via e-mail that they replace those links with links to your site or, even better, use the same anchor text to link back to similar content on your site. If the content is good enough and fresh, there is a higher probability that the sites’ webmasters will link back to the sites using those very links.

Interact with and give suggestions to the webmasters of those sites regarding techniques that can boost their SEO. Ask them to backlink to your website. If your site has informative content, you can list the benefits and encourage the target site’s webmaster to link back to the site.
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For example, contacting web design–based education sites to link back to the basic tutorials on your site that will encourage them to backlink to your site.

You can find a plethora of e-mail templates on the web that you can customize and send to your prospective audience. As mentioned, SEO experts argue about the viability of e-mail outreach, but these tactics work on a micro level and you may get a good response from people in your niche industry.
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We recommend the templates for an e-mail outreach campaigns found on the Quick Sprout website by Neil Patel, who is a subject matter expert in the industry.

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