Do You Have To Pay $40 To Sell On Amazon?

Amazon has topped the list of the best online marketplaces, attracting almost half of the globe to step into the Amazon business. Although, all of them have their reasons for it. Either they are tired of 9 to 5, wanting to set up a business, or think that it’s easy. First of all, it’s not easy. You will have to do all the work businesses do or maybe more than that. That includes going through the full process of product sourcing, listing, cataloging, imaging, and much more.
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Chances are you’ll even have to take Amazon account management services as you may not be able to do it all alone.

Another reason that attracts people to Amazon is they don’t have money to start the business. They think Amazon is free until someone shatters their hope telling them you need some 40 dollars to start.
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Are you one of them who is being told such a thing and now you are wondering do you have to pay $40 to sell on Amazon? The answer is either you are misinformed or half-informed. If you want to have full information regarding this, let us discuss that in detail.

Is It True That You Have To Pay To Sell On Amazon?
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It’s both true and false at the same time. What that means is whether you have to pay or not depends upon what type of account you choose. Amazon have two types of seller accounts

Professional seller account

Individual seller account

If you set up a professional account, you will have to pay $40 to set it up but there will be no fee per sale.

If you set up an individual seller account, you will be relaxed to know there is no fee for it.

However, paying $4o for a professional account is sometimes worth it, because with a professional account comes privileges an individual account doesn’t offer.

6 Reasons Why Do You Have To Pay $40 To Sell On Amazon With A Professional Account?

No doubt, the idea of setting up a seller account for free seems attractive but there are multiple amazing features a professional account provides, needed to scale and grow your business. Here is a list of them.

1. No Fee On Sale Per Item:

Paying $40 for a professional account means you don’t have to pay any fee on sale per item that is charged in the case of an individual account. So with a pro account, all the sale money goes to your pocket and will be saved from an all-time money deduction from your sale.

2. Ability To Collect Sales Tax:

With professional accounts, sellers are privileged to have sales tax collected on the sold items. So if you want to collect sales tax, there is no better option than setting up a professional account because individual accounts don’t have this privilege.

3. Access To Bulk Listing:

Individual accounts ask you to list each product individually and don’t provide you access to bulk listing. In comparison to this, a professional account is a real-time save as you can upload your items in bulk using a spreadsheet. Although for beginners, it’s no issue unless they have inventory to the product listing, they are or have been selling on other marketplaces.

4. Eligibility To Win Buy Box:

With a professional account comes the eligibility to win the buy box. Winning the buy box means becoming a featured seller on an Amazon listing. Moreover, you drive more sales when you win the buy box as most sellers don’t bother going anywhere else but buy directly from Buy Box. Moreover, fbamasterclass can also be a great help to learn some basic tricks to boost up your sales.

Although winning the buy box depends upon certain factors like

Seller Feedbacks


Location ( Buyer’s dwelling near the Amazon’s warehouses are prioritized)

But having a professional account means you stand a chance. That means, no matter if you have a good reputation for all the factors needed to win the buy box, If you don’t have a professional account, you are nowhere in the race.

5. Ability To Sell In Certain Categories:

There are some categories on Amazon that are



Sports and Entertainment Collectibles

Collectible Coins

Automotive and Powersports

Blu Ray, Videos, And DVD

in which if you want to sell, you should have Amazon’s approval. But that doesn’t come naturally, you will need to request approval. And you can only request approval if you have a professional account. So if you are someone who deals in such categories, you cannot enter the game without a professional account.

6. Ability To Enter The List Of Sponsored Products:

With a professional account, you will have the privilege of sponsoring your products through Amazon’s advertisement. That means, if your product is in the list of sponsored products, it will appear at the top of search results. No doubt, it’s an amazing strategy to attract more traffic to drive more sales but running such an ad is only possible if you are a buy box winner. And winning a buy box doesn’t happen without setting up a professional account.

So you will need to have a professional account to get sponsored. However, there are some third-party Amazon PPC services available, you can avail yourself to get more traffic even if you are not on an amazon sponsored list. Wondering where you will find such services? Don’t worry because you have a urtasker to provide you with all such services. That means, stop getting disappointed when you still can drive more sales with the help of urtasker 

Which Amazon Seller Account Should I choose?

Reading all the extraordinary features of a pro account you must have jumped to a decision costing .
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But wait. You should not jump to a decision without considering how and why you are selling. That means, if you don’t have over 540 items to sell per month, you should not go for a professional account.

What I mean is, if you just want to sell some product for the time being and don’t have a mind of building a business that generates regular revenue, signing up for a professional account is nothing less than a mindless mistake. So before you jump to any decision, make sure to find out the WHY to that decision.


Reading all the above information, you must have gotten the Why, When, and How to, Do you have to pay $40 to sell on Amazon? And I must repeat it will be worth it if you are aiming for a serious business. But if you are some one-time seller who is just trying to get rid of some extra things from your home, think twice if you are thinking of setting up a pro account.

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