Determining if you should use ASP.NET Web Forms

It is estimated that the general ASP.NET platform is only second in usage to PHP. Most of the available ASP.NET web applications, however, are based on the ASP.NET Web Forms framework. The new ASP.NET Core 1.0 framework, conversely, focuses on a new pipeline, where ASP.
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NET MVC is used to serve both HTML views and data and where the Web API remains an option for data only services.
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Web Forms, therefore, is not included in ASP.NET Core 1.0. Although Web Forms will be fully supported, and even slightly improved, for the foreseeable future, the direction ASP.
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NET Core 1.0 is headed sends a clear message: move away from ASP.NET Web Forms as soon as your business allows. That strategy is the right move for any organization and for the people in and around the organization.

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In this context, though, there are many different scenarios that might lead to different decisions. Let’s take a look at some of them. Examining a common scenario here’s one of the most common user stories you will hear in the wild these days: The Company has a web application that is a few years old but still works well.
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Because the application has been properly fine-tuned over the years, its performance is acceptable and it doesn’t even raise any major scalability concerns.

In addition, people on the team know how to maintain and evolve it. Everything seems to be OK. As the company faces new business challenges, however, the need for a remake emerges. The new business challenge is sometimes as simple as making the presentation comply with new responsiveness standards, and sometimes the challenge is more intricate, like adding new pieces of business or application logic.

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