Decor Home Fireplace Including Media Console

Media walls are there, though, for some time now, but if the evidence in customer photos is evidence of electric wall-mounted fireplaces sales, they will soon become a major trend.
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A multimedia wall, often known as a multimedia feature wall or simply a feature wall, is a wall designed to accommodate your television, additional multimedia devices (such as Sky boxes and speakers), and an electric fire.
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A short history of Wall media

When flat-panel screens became more inexpensive in the mid to late 2000s, the media wall fad took off. Many consumers choose the space-saving mounting option rather than continuing to install their television on its stands. the television mounted on the wall In a chimney hood, over a gas, open, or electric fire, this is common.

The media wall trend has been taken to the next level by advancements in the design and esthetics of electric fireplaces, combined with a growing number of new homes without fireplaces. The homeowners are increasingly installing walls expressly for televisions and electric instead of fastening a TV to an existing wall. This entails often but not always the creation of a false chimney cap with partially wooded walls. This is for many uses including:

  • Enter the depth to hide all related cables inside the wall.
  • Allow devices to pull down and create a clean finish.
  • The newly created square living areas add charm and focus.

How to construct a media wall.

As previously indicated, a multimedia wall is often constructed from an entrance wall. Effectively, a typical fireplace hood is thrown into the room on the lattice wall. Normally a wooden frame and sheeting are built. The frame is commonly adapted for recesses that correspond to the dimensions of the television and the electric fire installed inside it. This collection was specifically designed to make your home a more comfortable place brought about by the electric fireplace tv stand with a beautiful rustic farmhouse-style design.

The electrical work is done on the back of the polar wall to enable devices to be connected and subsequently clicked on. The flush finish and lack of chaotic cable systems are some of the main attractions for electric fires and wall-mounted TVs.

Multimedia features benefit Wall with a wall-mounted TV and electric TV.

Explained earlier that you can hide all the cables inside the wall from sight. The space-saving potential is another advantage. Yes, if you install a post wall where nothing is at present, an extra floor area will be required. But if you want a fire and don’t have a fire right now, a multimedia wall doesn’t have to have much more room than a TV stand, but it’s a fireplace and a television. As electric flames and TVs tend to be small, there is no reason why your new wall should have a typical fireplace cap.

Choose an electric wall-mounted heater for your multimedia wall

When choosing a wall-mounted electric fire, a few aspects have to be taken into account.

Heater for the front

Above all, you’d like a front heater device to be chosen. You want the heat you make to get into your room and you don’t want your TV to be lost within the space or heated.
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A front heater is, therefore, a necessity.


Secondly, it is easy to ensure that your electric stove is the proper one to accomplish the finish you desire. Some best electric fireplaces can be lowered into a pit while others can hang from the wall. Some devices are flushed to the wall when placed while others have a slightly settled ornamental framework.


The design will be the next factor. If your electric fire design complements your space and your TV look, the appearance of your wall and the room as a whole will make a great difference.


The size of the electric fire you’ll install should also be considered. I hope that you choose the device in advance and build the cut-offs to measure (and the same for the TV and everything else you want to install inside the wall). Still, in a certain breadth or depth, you may need to work.

Electric wall fires for multimedia walls recommended

For electric stoves, there are many wall-mounted choices. However, when it comes to multimedia walls, a device stands out from the crowd. Electric Fire Mounted in Glow’s Ezee Zara Wall is especially popular with clients that produce multimedia walls. There are clear reasons for this: some of the boxes that just talked about are ticked away.

It has a superb contemporary design, which looks in every modern living space right at home.
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This incorporates LED touchscreen controls, a choice of three flame effects (orange, blue, or two), and an elegant look with most televisions.

The front heater is positioned over or under a TV and it sends the heat straight to the room. The heater is installed safely. The front heater and the electric fire design also allow for a smooth installation in a recess of Ezee Glow Zara.

Is your space too tiny for Ezee Glow Zara?
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Then you have the Grand Zara Ezee Glow. Too large? You’re going to desire Zara Mini’s, Ezee Glow.

Another fantastic option is the integrated, 36, 50, 60, and 72-inch electric fire from Ezee Glow Celestial. A selection of 12 different fuel couches and three flame effects are part of the sleek modern fire (orange, blue, or a combination of the two).

It is possible to install one, two, or three glass sides so that you can create a focus in your room. The front heater ensures that your room is secure and useless under a TV.

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