Crop Sensor VS Full Frame: Few Things You Need to Know

When you decide to pursue photography as your passion and profession, you must choose which camera you want to buy. When you buy a camera, you check a lot of things like its body, features, and types, but the primary check should be what type of sensor size you want to use. Sensor the rectangle glass that helps to read the image through the lens. There are two types of camera sensors: crop sensor and full-frame sensor. You need to know well the sensors you want to use for your photography. Here are some points that you should always be mindful of.

What is a Crop Sensor?

A crop sensor is smaller in size, that is less than 35mm. When you click an image with a crop sensor, it gives the image a cropped edge and that gives a tighter field view. Every camera has a different crop sensor. There are two widely used crop sensor sizes in photography APS-C and Micro Four Third. You will have to do proper research on the best high-end mirrorless camera and DSLR camera that has a good crop sensor.

What is a Full-Frame Sensor?

A Full-Frame sensor is made of a standard size of 35mm which is usually in an SLR camera or a mirrorless camera. With this sensor, you can take clear and sharp images. As the full-frame sensor is wide. You can click amazing pictures without getting them cropped. While in crop sensor, images get cropped because the sensor is not able to capture the whole image. It is just the opposite with a full-frame sensor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crop Sensor

The size of the image in a crop sensor is the key highlight of these cameras. It is smaller in size and much cheaper than a Full-frame sensor camera. If you are a travel photographer or your camera needs to be carried everywhere, then a crop sensor is better. The crop factor of the camera is a slight disadvantage, but you can use it to your advantage if you are clicking on wildlife or sports photography.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Full-Frame Sensor

The best feature of buying a full-frame sensor camera is its versatility. You can click an amazing image with a variety of exposure and settings in any setting whether dark or light. Their low-light performance is excellent which gives sharper and clear images. The only disadvantage is the file size, which sometimes makes it difficult to download. When these sensors have so many features, they can also go heavy on your pockets.

Which is the ultimate choice?

When you buy a camera, you should always think of all the aspects. A camera is a very important purchase for a photographer and you should do proper research by checking the camera lens store and looking at what you require. Whether a crop sensor or a full frame, it is important to buy a camera that is from one of the trusted brands. Canon India understands every photographer’s needs and pockets.

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