Could The Bombay Cat Be The Pet For You

There is no animal in the world that people could tell you is better than another, why then do some people adamantly hate cats and prefer dogs or vice versa? It is all about the bond you feel, the connection you experience when you interact is around a specific animal or have taken a liking to since you were a kid. You need to choose what feels right for you, and if it means the cuddly independent nature of a cat then what have you got to lose?
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We have seen movies, read books, and even done research on all types and breeds of cats and the choice is certainly overwhelming if you are new to the world of pet ownership. So how do you know which cat is suited to you and your family dynamics, is there a list you can tick off the boxes and the result will indicate the best option, in rare cases, yes, but for the most part you need to do what essentially feels right.
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Choosing a cat doesn’t need to be an anxious event, get the family involved, chat to friends and family to hear advice or tips and tricks that worked for them, the more knowledge you have the better.

Cat breeds.

The list is endless when it comes to choice, but certain breeds simply have that ‘it’ factor which draws people in, and one such increasingly popular choice is the Bombay cat. It has unique characteristics, and was created from the vision of a woman who ideally wanted the best of both worlds when thinking about the type of cat she wanted, and she came out on top.

Who could have predicted that her dedication and commitment to cross-breeding would result in this magnificent species, one that got its name from the black leopards found indigenously in Bombay in India, and is true to the county’s beauty and rich cultural history?

While India is adorned in vibrant colors as far as the eye can see, this cat is black from head to toe and doesn’t lack luxury one bit. It has a sheen and elegance that oozes royalty and status and it is no wonder it is a rare breed pet owners around the globe strive to adopt or own.
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Why Bombay.

You may not be too sure if this exotic creature is the right pet for you but if you read some interesting facts about it here it could help to put your mind at ease when the time comes to making the decision.

Not every cat is suited for everyone, some people like more independent animals while others enjoy being needed and wanted by their pets, it helps give them a purpose and a great excuse to take their minds off work, if even only for a moment.

We may hear information from various sources, some true others not as much and more about hearsay or creativeness, but some interesting facts about Bombay cats could be what seals the deal on your choice.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features and personality traits about these cats which you may or may not have heard before.

  • It is originally from the United States (and not Bombay India as the majority of people think) where an American woman bred it specifically to her taste, you can read more about it in this link, and it has been recognized by animal associations around the world.
  • Black-out. There are other breeds of black cats in the world, of course, but what makes this one stand out from the crowd as only a true gem could achieve is that it is ‘completely’ black from the pads on their paws and even their nose.
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    What a diamond.
  • Warmth. Many animals like to laze about on a hot summers’ day, but these cats seek a heat source no matter what the weather is outside. They love warmth and coziness and more often than not are found curling on or against their owners or by the radiators.
  • Grooming. The occasional brush from time to time to keep their sheen and coats in check is about the maximum grooming required for this animal, but what appeals to most Bombay cat owners is that they have less hair shedding making them maintenance (if any) free animal.
  • Friendly. As the old saying goes, your friendly neighborhood cat and this sums up the Bombay to a tee. It will follow its owner around the home, constantly seeking attention and companionship, and is great in households with children. They socialize well with strangers but can become depressed if left for too long periods at a time.

A final thought.

It doesn’t matter quite the fact about which animal you get as a pet but more about the responsibility and effort needed to take care of them properly.
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While they may be independent creatures that enjoy coming and going as they please and taking on the days’ adventures as and when they see fit, they still deserve to live a quality life.

A safe place to come home to with a warm meal and freshwater, your cat will be devoted to you for the rest of its days. If you are considering a pet, and more specifically a cat then you are on the right track to making great memories. Cats are caring in a way that makes the day’s stress fade away.

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