Common Problems That Arise When Seeing The Doctor After A Car Accident

Any type of car accident, minor or major, can become a traumatic experience. Even minor accidents can lead to severe injuries and expensive medical bills. The first part of dealing with a car accident is seeking treatment for your injuries. The second part is making sure you do everything right to speed up the compensation process.
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The other party will do everything in their power to devalue your claim. Before you see the doctor, it is important that you understand how problems may arise. a car accident attorney in Stockton can help you with the same and prevent you from making costly mistakes. 

Common problems that arise when seeing the doctor after a car accident 

  • Failing to report injuries correctly. 

When you see a doctor after a car crash in Stockton, it is important that you tell them about discomfort in all parts of your body, and not just where the wounds are visible. For example, suppose you have sustained a big cut on your leg and are experiencing severe abdominal pain as well. 

Now, the cut is clearly visible, but the cause of the abdominal pain can only be determined by examining internal organs. If you do not inform the doctor of the pain, they won’t be able to get started with the treatment right away. This way, the medical report would remain incomplete. 

  • Leaving out information about prior injuries. 

If you think telling the doctor about your prior injuries will devalue your claim, you are not alone. A major percentage of car accident victims do not report past injuries in fear that their claim might get rejected.
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However, that is not so. 

The law acknowledges the fact that a person can get into an accident with prior injuries and has special rules for such cases. It is important that you inform your doctor of those injuries so that they can check if they were aggravated in the accident.
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  • Thinking you do not need medical treatment. 

This is a mistake that most people make and then regret for a long time. No matter how minor the accident was or your injuries are, you must visit the doctor for an evaluation. A doctor can recognize injuries and symptoms that the inexperienced eye cannot. 

Moreover, injuries do not just happen on the surface. Just because you do not see any blood on your skin does not mean your internal organs and bones are in perfect condition as well.
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Receiving immediate medical attention will speed up your recovery and also help in your claim. 

These are some issues that attorneys commonly face in car accident cases. Therefore it is strongly suggested to hire an expert for legal advice. 

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