A blazer is a suit jacket that is considered a formal garment suitable for formal occasions. Blazers feature less structured shoulders as compared to suit jackets. Although they are similar to suit jackets, they do not technically feature matching pants. Blazers are usually the go-to for formal occasions and can work surprisingly well with several looks, including casual ones. Men’s casual blazers are the perfect choice when you want to achieve a laid back and relaxed yet refined look. Blazers have always been popular and have been growing ever since the 19th century. Casual smart wear was adopted as a fashion trend and has continued to grow ever since.
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In Australia, the revenue in the jackets and coats segments amounts to US$ 584m in 2021. The market is expected to grow with a 5.79% CAGR. (2021- 2026). It would be best if you considered several factors before buying the perfect blazer:

Fit– It’s all about the perfect fit. An important aspect of a good quality men’s blazer is the fit, which impacts how your blazer looks and feels.
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Your blazer should fit in the same way as a jacket or a sports coat. It should allow a full range of arm motion, and the shoulders should not over-extend by more than half an inch. There should be enough space in the chest area to allow you to button the blazer, and the length should cover your back completely. The sleeves should show 1/4th to 3/4th of an inch of shirt cuff and extend to the wrist bone.
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Size and length– It is essential to pick a blazer that fits you well, else the entire process of buying the perfect blazer can go awry. Make sure that you know your size well and ensure that your measurements are correct. While you can experiment with your blazers, it is best to stick to a regular length if you want to play it safe. Blazers can be worn on any occasion and can flatter all body types.

Fabric– When choosing a blazer, remember that the fabric can impact its form and fitting, so selecting a suitable material is essential.

  • Cotton– Cotton blazers are an excellent option for casual outfits and are summertime staples. Their lightweight fabric sits comfortably on the body, achieving an intelligent yet relaxed aesthetic.
  • Wool- wool and wool- blend blazers are ideal for the fall and autumn seasons. Stick to shades of grey and navy while buying a blazer to maximise versatility and longevity.
  • Linen– Linen blazers are perfect for keeping cool in summer without the need to sacrifice style due to their breathable and lightweight fabric. They are suited for innovative casual and casual ensembles and look best unstructured.
  • Tweed– Tweed is best suited for winter outfits due to its heavyweight and is an excellent option for fashionably staying cozy in cold weather. Although known for their classic charm, they work surprisingly well with casuals.

Casual blazer outfits that will keep you in style all year long:

  • Blazer with jeans– Pairing a blazer with jeans, especially for dates, parties, dinners, and more, is an excellent option for men who enjoy a smart casual style.
  • Blazer with chinos– A blazer with chinos is an ideal combination for a polished appearance. For an even more casual look, opt for a plain t-shirt and some sneakers.
  • Blazer with shorts– Wanna have some fun with your casual blazer? Why not pair it with a good pair of shorts?
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    A blazer worn with shorts is a playful take on the style and is perfect for summer.
  • Blazer and a polo shirt– Although the collared style is slightly more sophisticated than a standard t-shirt, you can still achieve a casual, laidback look. A polo t-shirt adds a touch of athleisure that is in trend right now.

When buying men’s casual blazers, ensure that your focus is more on the qualitative aspect than the quantitative. It’s better to have a few good blazers that make you stand out.

Keep these tips in mind to determine the perfect blazer for yourself that will leave you looking effortlessly modern and sophisticated.

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