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Laptops targeted at business users are more likely to feature docking station connectors. Docking stations allow the laptop to be quickly installed in a base that ties it into all of the business systems in your office, such as the network, printers, a standard keyboard and mouse, all without fooling around with multiple USB connectors and networking cables.

Docking stations may also offer a DVD recorder, or other devices missing from a super lightweight laptop. Business models are also more likely to support hot-swap bays for flexibility, so you can install a second hard drive in place of the DVD drive, or a second battery for that eight hour flight.

They also tend to ship with less junky trial software, since corporate IT departments have less patience and more say in the matter than the average consumer. A hybrid laptop/tablet design is becoming more popular with students and businessmen alike, although the original tablets were quite distinct from laptops in their design.
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The hybrid laptop/tablet employs a screen with a single hinge point in the middle that allows the touch screen capable LCD to be swiveled all the way around and laid back over the keyboard, The Laptop Repair Workbook E-Version 1.2 25 with the screen facing up.
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At this point, the laptop functions like a very capable tablet, and can be used for taking notes longhand, drawing, or stepping through checklists and forms with a stylus, a popular business application for field representatives. Prices for tablets and business laptops range from 0 to 00.
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