Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Since Bitcoin began to gain traction in 2013, several other cryptocurrencies have surfaced in an attempt to rip off a chunk of this booming billion-dollar market. Among all the variety of digital currencies presented, ethereum deserves special attention, gradually strengthening its position to the level of the second most popular cryptocurrency – and still continuing to gain this popularity since you can buy using . But where are these two currencies heading? This article examines their differences and possible directions for future development.
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Due to sharp exchange rate fluctuations, cryptocurrencies may not be suitable for some investors. Cryptocurrency trading is not controlled by EU supervisory authorities. Risks to your capital are possible.
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Despite the fact that ethereum is still far from Bitcoin, which is worth more than $ 1200, in recent months it has shown impressive growth. Since its introduction, ethereum has recorded incredible growth rates, quadrupling its value – from a modest $ 10 to $ 40 and more. The latest price spike may be attributed to the SEC’s decision to ban Bitcoin ETFs, prompting some investors to buy ethereum as an alternative.

Since ethereum is a significantly newer instrument, introduced in August 2015, it is still somewhat dependent on the general attitude towards cryptocurrencies, defined predominantly by bitcoin. Bitcoin has established itself as a popular asset for many traders due to significant percentage of daily fluctuations in the exchange rate and the overall growth demonstrated over the long term. However, there are some differences between the two cryptocurrencies, which means that each of them can be influenced by different factors.

ethereum vs Bitcoin

Some people call ethereum “the next bitcoin”, but there are some differences between the two currencies, and it would be advisable to familiarize yourself with them before you start trading Ether:

  • Mass in circulation

The ultimate. Bitcoin is being introduced into circulation at a gradually decreasing rate so that by 2140 the final money supply will be 21 million bitcoins.

Endless. ethereum is designed for virtually unlimited mining potential with an annual increase in market volume by 18 million ethers.

  • Operation speed

Bitcoin: About 10 minutes: Considered slower in terms of liquidity.

Ether: Up to 15 seconds: faster execution times mean higher liquidity and volatility.

  • Purpose of creation

Bitcoin was created for the sole purpose of being used as a cryptocurrency.

ethereum was created as the currency for the Ethereum platform.

  • Ownership structure

Most of the world’s circulating mass of bitcoins is concentrated in the hands of a small percentage of their first miners.

Since the Ethereum platform was crowdfunded, most of the ethereum belongs to those who purchased it in advance. The balance is predicted to shift in favor of miners over the next five years.

There is no hard cap on the total supply of buy ethereum with paypal at Uphold, unlike Bitcoin, which is limited to 21 million. Ethereum has opted not to set an upper limit.

Conclusion: will ethereum prevail over bitcoin?

It is still too early to decide whether ethereum will become the next bitcoin. If the bitcoin dynamics curve can serve as an indicator of the behavior of cryptocurrencies, then it is possible that in the future we will see significant price fluctuations in ethereum could potentially continue its growth, becoming a “silver medalist” in relation to the “gold” of Bitcoin, or even entering into a battle for leadership with it. On the other hand, there are several scenarios that could lead to the collapse of the ether, for example, another hacker attack in connection with the hard fork or a significant drop in the price of bitcoin, which could drag the ethereum with it.
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However, bitcoin paved the way for ethereum by making the market more tolerant of digital currencies and recognizing their nature, and it is possible that we are entering a crypto age and an era where the world’s major currencies will not have physical form

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