Best Quality Brands For Lawn Mowers and OEM Parts

There are many notable and well-known brands in Australia for their engines, generators and lawn mowing equipment. Those companies are trustworthy among consumers for improving the overall user experience of the clients by delivering the best quality products. They sell original products and OEM parts to customers.
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Advantages of Using OEM Parts

When used for an extended period, hard-working machines like lawnmowers might experience wear and tear, damages, and poor engine efficiency over time. To fix this, users can buy OEM parts from various brands like Briggs and Stratton parts that are available for the maintenance of engines and lawnmowers. The OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) developed by those companies are available in authorised online and offline stores. While some might buy spare parts from aftermarket sellers for their cheaper prices, the professionals in the industry recommend investing in OEM parts. Here are some advantages:


OEM parts are manufactured and tested by the company and the engineers, who have designed the original product. The genuinely designed OEM parts that meet the standards can fit the machine and deliver the optimum engine performance. Not only do the OEM spare parts fit inside the vehicle with a guarantee, but they also ensure that the parts are installed to comply with the EPA emission and manufacturing regulations.
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There can be no substitutes in providing the best quality parts to keep the gas-powered engine healthy.


Most buyers are not sure enough about the materials, alloys, plastic and quality of any aftermarket parts. The manufacturers spend years developing OEM constructions and coatings that are safe, resist erosion, meet the standards for efficiency and wearability. Therefore, even if original parts from reputed brands like Briggs and Stratton parts are relatively expensive than the knockoffs, they are highly durable and authentic in the long run.

Easy to fit and replace

OEM purchasers know that the actual part fits properly. Many aftermarket parts are usually designed to fit multiple models of machines and vehicles. Hence, they might not adhere to the specifications required by particular models from certain companies. This issue poses a problem as buyers will have to spend a significant amount of time researching and finding the part that fits right. Such cases do not occur with OEM parts.

Reliable Distributors

Large sweep manufacturers like Briggs and Stratton have been in the market for years and are well-known for their product quality. It helps to refine their distribution network and provide services only through those vendors who are trustworthy and reliable, like Green Acres Mowers. It also ensures quick and guaranteed delivery with perfect performance.

Warranty and Support

Using OEM parts preserves the warranty of the lawnmower and also extends its life significantly. They help in maintaining the full warranty coverage.
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Those who replace their vehicles with aftermarket products might experience a risk with warranty coverage.
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Using genuine company parts that meet the original vehicle requirement will maximise the machine’s life and provide additional warranty coverage. OEM parts are also more likely to have better guarantee and warranty terms than third party suppliers. Place is for lovers of new twists in daily life

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