Best Magsafe Charging Station in 2021

Many People until unaware of the Magsafe charging station. Magsafe charging station is an innovative iPhone mobile charging technology of Apple launched in September 2020.
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The concept of the Magsafe auto charging station in 2021 is very interesting. Most iPhone users are impressed with this wireless charger. It is a fast-charging device and the supporting magnets, and you can use the phone during charging.

Built-in magnets on the backside of the iPhone 12 series makes the apple wireless charger could be absorbed and auto-align onto the phones. Apple wireless charger also calls Magsafe charger.

How Magsafe charging station Operates:

This Magsafe charging station combines Apple Magsafe charger with phone stands, iWatch charger, Air pod charger together, also called 3 in 1 Apple charger stand. The front charging pad absorbs and auto aligns iPhone 12 series when you place it on. You could place it horizontally or vertically.

Besides iPhone 12 series, you could also use front charging pad for other QI function phones since the package including one metal ring. If you want to use other QI function phones, you need to stick the metal ring on the back of the phones. When iPhone 12 series are wearing Magsafe case, you could place it on the front pad directly; if your iPhone 12 series phones wear normal thick cases, you will also need to stick a metal ring on the back.

The best Magsafe charging station in 2021 is designed faster and effectively with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 mini, and Apple Magsafe accessories.

Why is it the best Magsafe charging station in 2021?

When choosing iPhone12 charging station, they will consider two elements: magnetic strength and charging efficiency. As regards magnetic strength, this one could hold iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro max firmly, even cover below 0.6mm normal thickness case, not to mention its firmness for Magsafe case.

Magsafe charging station in 2021 has many benefits because it allows for limited alignment and effectively designed inter parts. This charging station is the potential for fast charging. When you change your iPhone with Magsafe, you can get charge up to 15watts. On another way, if you plugged in through the USB-C iPhone takes up to 20watts. Accessories, including QC3.0 charger and Type C to USB cord, provide at least 20W total for the charging station.
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A 15W front charging pad provides fast charging for iPhone 12 series, 5W back charging pad for the air pod series, 2.5W top charging pad for iWatch.

It takes no more time being a packing deal. In this charging station, all cases are well equipped to transmit wireless charging.

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