Beginners’ guide to moving office tech!!!!

Moving an office is such a daunting and overwhelming process and the technology present in an office makes it more difficult to relocate office technology. The only way to do this efficiently is with the help of the movers.
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So, whenever you decided to relocate the office, start the process by picking the best moving quotes from all.

Of course, the last thing you want is extended downtime and unplanned interruptions mean that the relocation does not affect your office productivity. Only the right planning along with movers will help you to relocate the office. If you are looking for a strategy to move office tech then this guide will cover everything. Just check out this right now.

Start planning at the right time 

Just after you have decided to relocate your business, it is time to set a realistic target date. Usually, you should start planning at least three months before while it also depends on your specific move type. As some internet service providers take six months due to longer construction requirements of infrastructure you have to start planning six months before according to your selected internet service provider. Giving ample amount of time to the planning process is important for success in the end.
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Evaluate equipment 

In case, if the office network infrastructure is aging then you can consider upgrading it. Consider this as an opportunity to bring the new and latest technology and equipment to your office. To do this effectively, you have to make an inventory of all the equipment present to know whether they meet your needs or not. Then decide what are the equipment needs up-gradation and replacement. If there is any leased IT equipment then this is time to return these.

Determine the layout of your new office 

Deciding on the new office infrastructure and layout is essential before you reach there. Know how many power outlets do you need and if there are enough sockets present as per the needs or not. Check if the installed cabling and network infrastructure match the bandwidth requirements.
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Know about the server room requirements and where are the workstations located. Consider the places where you will put or place all your equipment such as printers, scanners, routers, and so on.

Access your communication requirements 

With each passing day, the communication requirements of all the offices are changing. As this is the most important factor in any office, therefore, access it at first. Determine how many phone lines are needed and notify your telecom partner about your decision of moving. Know the different cloud options and check if there is a need for additional bandwidth or up-gradation is required in any of the communication equipment. These days modern workspaces bring together all the elements of innovation, creativity, and collaboration and if you create a smart workspace then it will bring more productivity to your business and also increase the satisfaction of the employees.

Get the help of a pro to guide you 

The details of the IT infrastructure are complicated and if you are not aware of it then it will waste your time as well as other resources and can lead to worse problems in the future. So having a team of technicians to help you throughout the process is a great idea. Because the most business owner doesn’t have any technical knowledge so to not to face a worse situation, it is better to take the help of a pro.

Address network and data security 

When relocating office, administrative details are often overlooked but do you know this is a great chance to improve your network security and control measures. If you take steps to enhance security and to protect your data then it will make you have peace of mind as there is nothing to be lost during the moving process. To do this, you should detail the existing security policy of your company and then decide whether any kind of update is required or not.

Consider hiring professional IT disconnect and reconnect services 

You should not leave the job to the employees because they can’t perform it effectively. Let all the job will be done by the IT professionals even the packing of the equipment because the damage is less likely to occur when IT relocation is handled by the experts who have the right skills and guidance to perform this job.

Wrapping it all up!!!

It is not a great idea to make it a DIY job.
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It is perfect to hire professionals to let them do their job. Also, this will reduce the downtime of the office and your employees can start work immediately and soon at the new location. Also, it is recommended you have a backup plan for business continuity either one or two because something might not go as planned as relocation is quite an uncertain job.

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