Basic Driving Lesson: Watching Your Actions In and Around the Vehicle

You know what? Your vehicle is your travel partner! It takes both of your assistance to make an expedition worthwhile. To have a fruitful journey, maintaining your ride beforehand and during must be your top priority. Nonetheless, what after that? Your maneuvering skill decides how safeguarded your trip is.

If you own a car in New South Wales, ensure you do your bit for a hassle-free ride – both with maintenance and driving. Car insurance NSW would be your next partner who gets you through any setbacks that deter your journey. Explore the offerings of various insurers online, compare car insurance and sign up for the one that suits you best. Being prudent helps you in damage control of unforeseen road calamities.
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Apart from getting an insurance backup, adopt excellent behavior when driving your car. Watching your steps takes you more miles ahead and guarantees safety.

1. Stay inside your car

Under no circumstances must any part of your body or that of passengers should peek out of the vehicle, barring the following conditions.

  • To convey a hand signal if your indicator has broken.
  • If you are doing door-to-door delivery of goods/services.

2. Riding on your car

No passenger may ride on the bonnet area, roof region, back tray, or other external portion of your vehicle. For instance, if you possess a four-wheel-drive car, don’t permit passengers to occupy the side/rear steps or the roof rack ladder.
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It is a dangerous act that must be avoided at all costs. You would need the aid of comprehensive car insurance NSW to safeguard you from the repercussions

3. Opening your car door

Leaving doors open or opening a car door to get in/out in hazardous traffic conditions is strictly prohibited. You are advised not to endanger your life, that of the passengers and the commuters.
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Adopt road safety rules at all times but also keep an eye out for other drivers’ door activity.

4. Moving vehicle

As a responsible driver or passenger, you must ensure you don’t get in or out of the vehicle while it’s in motion. If you don’t wish to fall, or get hit or trampled by other cars, avoid doing this always.

5. Defective ride

If your vehicle doesn’t comply with the roadworthy constraints, expect to be pulled up by police at some point and/or receive notices from the road transport department authority in your state/territory. Unless you take corrective measures and get your car repaired to comply with the road safety rules, you are not allowed to. If your car is unroadworthy you cannot use it on the road, sell it to somebody else, or discard the vehicle. You could basically do nothing without approval.

Defective vehicles are a threat to road safety. It would greatly help if you could find insurers who would be willing to support your vehicle.
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Compare car insurance online and purchase one. Don’t let go of an opportunity to keep your vehicle covered and save on your wallet. So repair

6. Safety ramps

This zone is reserved for stopping runaway vehicles. You aren’t permitted to make use of this space unless you intend to preserve road safety.


As there are plenty of factors affecting your wellbeing during a car drive, exercise caution and control while making driving decisions. Don’t let external elements deviate you from observing internal car conditions and the surrounding environment then committing to best practice driving. Even otherwise, car insurance NSW would have your back!

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