Are Scraps rigged at Casinos Online?

When you are in a land-based casino you can see the dealers shuffle cards or roll the dice during the game. When you play at online casinos, it’s just you and the computer so it is normal to wonder whether the websites are legitimate. Most of the time, online casinos are perfectly safe. When you play mobile casino online, however, you always have to be careful. Keep reading to find out if online craps can be rigged.

How games at online casinos can be rigged

Each casino game has a certain casino advantage built in. The house edge, expressed in percentage, explains how much profit the casino will make from a certain game. If the house edge is for example 4%, the rest will be paid out to players in winnings. The higher the RTP of the game, the higher your chances of winning. Many rigged casinos, however, lower the Return to Player (RTP) value of the game without telling the players. That allows them to keep a big part the players’ profit.

Can online craps be rigged?

In a traditional casino when you play the standard table game of craps there are very little chances that the game will be rigged. In theory, when you play craps online there is no way of telling what’s happening ‘behind the scenes’.
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Nevertheless, when it comes to online craps,
the outcome of the game is determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is a microchip found in all the online versions of casino games that ensures the results are always completely random. Online casinos cannot manipulate them.

The only way to rig online craps is if the website changed the software code or tried to alter the RTP of the game. That can only happen with unregulated, fraudulent websites.

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How to tell the online casino is legitimate

Before you bet any money in craps or any other online casino game, you have to make sure the website you’re about to use is licenced. If you’re playing at UK based casinos, you should look for the logo of the UK Gambling Commission.
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The Commission is responsible for issuing licences to casino operators and making sure they follow the law and protect the players. You can also look up the name of the casino website on the Commission’s page to check whether it has all the permits.
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Moreover, you should pick craps games that have been produced by renowned software providers. Some of the best ones include:

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • RealTime Gaming
  • Rival

If you play craps that they created, you can be sure the game is fair and safe.


If you use a legitimate website, you can be sure that craps are not rigged at online casinos. There are many regulations in place that make sure online casino operators have security measures in place and do not scam their customers. Before you bet any real money read reviews left by other players.
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If you pick a popular casino website you can be sure it’s safe.
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