Access control systems installation

Considerable attention must go into maintaining the security of your property. However, installing a door access control system makes the procedure simpler. A good access control system improves security and adds convenience for both your renters and the employees that manage your rental properties.

Before putting in a new door access control system at your building, you should think about how your property is different and weigh all of your options.

You may manage who has access to opening doors. Anywhere in the building, including the main entrance, rear or service entrances, individual apartments, etc., can have an accesscontrolled door.

There are several types of door access systems:

Manual: Before granting entrance, the person manning the door verifies the requestor’s credentials.

Mechanical door access: The most popular mechanical door access technique is unquestionably the conventional lock and key approach. But this puts your building in danger because keys are easy to steal or lose.

Electronic door entry systems: These systems often take the shape of a keypad, keyfob system, or intercom and are composed of an electronic controller.

Mechatronic door access: Highsecurity business buildings frequently utilize mechatronic door access control. Access control is combined mechanically and electronically in these systems. For instance, you must scan a key card or key fob before using a key to enter the door.

How does access control for doors operate?

The relay circuit is engaged when a pre-registered user or authorized person tries to open the door using an RFID tag (card), a password, or biometrics, and the COM terminal is briefly detached from the terminal. Therefore, the magnetic lock’s 12V DC power source is briefly turned off (depending on the preset time delay). When the power is turned off, the magnetic lock unlocks.The door may now be opened.

The relay is triggered and is compelled to link COM with the NO terminal when the user pushes the exit push button. When the power is cut off to the magnetic lock, it unlocks and the door is opened again.
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5 benefits of door access control systems

1. Entrylevel event audit trails

Without the inconvenience of mechanical or manual methods, cloudbased door entry solutions enable you to check entrance logs at any time, from any location. Your property will always be safe thanks to recordings of every door access event that are timeand datestamped. A video access control system’s audit trails also provide pictures of each visitor.

2. Reduced fire risk

Emergency procedures are present in most door access control systems, if not all of them. For instance, the system will instantly unlock all the doors if the sprinkler system or fire alarm is activated. As a result, door access control systems can make it possible for emergency personnel, like firemen or medical teams, to enter your whole facility rapidly.

3. Reduces theft and criminal activity.

All entry doors will be locked, but approved tenants, employees, and guests will still be able to enter. Additionally, a lot of systems have an alarm management platform that notifies you of breakins. It’s particularly relevant for big cities.
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4. Better visitor administration

Tenants may visually check a visitor’s identity before allowing them in using a video door access system rather than having to go down to the lobby to get them. If the system is also cloudbased, tenants may welcome visitors from any location with an internet connection. Some systems even have virtual keys that allow people who have been invited to come in with a PIN or QR code.

5. Intuitive integration with proptech

Cloudbased access systems can seamlessly interact with current proptech devices in your building. All of your building automation systems should work together so that tenants have the most comfort and the process of getting into the property runs smoothly.

For instance, some property management software integrates with door access control systems. By combining these technologies, access to the door will be given automatically to new and current renters and taken away from people who move out.

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