8 Important Thing to Know About Moving to Tempe, AZ

Arizona is a state more and more people are flocking to due to its arid, dry climate. It is the desert, but with the lack of humidity, many people find the climate much more beneficial for those with chronic breathing conditions. Additionally, Arizona has excellent business and educational opportunities, so moving hear can set your life on the right track. For those seeking refuge in this amazing state, Tempe, AZ is among the most popular areas and here are just a few things to know before you make that big move.

Growing Population

Tempe, AZ is a city just outside of Phoenix, but a world away from the hustle and bustle of that substantially large city. The population of Tempe, AZ has reached almost 200,000 as more people prefer the 10 minute commute rather than living directly in downtown Phoenix. Tempe, AZ is convenient to not only Phoenix, but Chandler, Scottsdale, and Mesa as well, so you are never far from anything when you are in this growing city.

Homes in the Area

Buying a home of your own is a great goal, but when moving to a new location, you might want to get the lay of the land before investing in your own home. In Tempe, AZ, there are plenty of rental options and purchase opportunities to choose from. Currently, it is estimated that roughly 60% of Tempe, AZ residents lease an apartment or rental property.

There are a lot of benefits to renting a home in Tempe, AZ, but space can come at a premium. Due to the desert location, basements are virtually nonexistent and finding a home with ample attic space is difficult as well, so many residents of Tempe, choose to rent a storage unit. Storage units in Tempe, AZ are remarkably affordable and help keep your home clear of clutter.

The Weather is Ideal for Outdoor Activities

When you think of the weather in Tempe, AZ you might immediately think of high heat conditions. Where it is true temperatures can reach into the low 100s during the peak of summer, much of the year offers a remarkably temperate climate. Winter temperatures hover around 60 degrees, so even on the coldest day of the year, a leisurely hike, motorbike excursion, or rock climbing is a way to spend a fun afternoon.

For families seeking more close to the city enjoyment, Kiwanis Park will become your haven. This 125 acre facility features softball, tennis, soccer, and volleyball courts along with plenty of fun for the kids including recreational areas, swimming, kayaking, paddle boats, batting cages, and a lot of other enjoyable things to fill your afternoon.
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Additionally, this park features an indoor wave pool, so when the summer sun becomes too much to contend with, your water recreational fun can move to an indoor space and it is heated throughout the year, so even in winter, this is an enjoyable place to play with the family.visit site jio rockers

Big Surf

When the sun becomes too much to deal with or you just want to ride a few waterslides, Big Surf is the place to go. This park is located directly in Tempe, AZ and offers a myriad of ways to enjoy the sun and water at the same time. Food, fun, and a little boogie boarding can all be found at Big Surf. Most residents invest in a season pass for the park to ensure they can bring the family throughout the summer without braking the bank.
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Finding something to do when the sun goes down is never a problem in Tempe, AZ. The kids can go to the babysitter for the evening and you can head into downtown Tempe for a little adult driven entertainment. Tempe, AZ nightlife is fill of fun and excitement with a myriad of bard such as the Rula Bula Irish Pub and the Low Key Piano Bar. For those seeking a little side splitting laughter, check out Tempe Improv. There is no shortage of entertainment here in Tempe.

Shopping Downtown

Retail therapy is a real thing and thankfully, when you live in Tempe, AZ, you do not have to venture far to enjoy a little shopping. In downtown you will find a wide range of nationally known shopping options, but also a variety one of shops that promote locally owned entrepreneurs.
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Among the many shops throughout downtown, you will also find a variety of restaurants and bars to sample some of Tempe’s best culinary delights.

Artistic Minded Entertainment

Not everyone likes the same thing and when you want a little culture amid all the fast paced entertainment and shopping, Tempe, AZ delivers. The Tempe History museum, Collier Gallery, and the Tempe Center for the Arts provide excellent opportunities to immerse yourself in the beauty of art and history. Southwestern artists are known for some of the most colorful and culturally influential pieces around.

A Well Planned City

Some cities seem to grow organically over time and that can lead to a lot of confusion. However, Tempe, AZ has been planned out remarkably well. It is an easy city to navigate, and residents find it to be a very walkable city as well.  It is recommended that you have a personal vehicle, but it is not essential. The proximity to Phoenix allows for public transit into the city.
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Tempe, AZ features 2 metro railway stations connecting the city to Phoenix Airport and downtown. Living in downtown, Tempe, AZ affords you the luxury of easy access to both railway stations. Further, the city has availability of excellent shipping and courier services to help in your moving. “The demand for courier and shipping work from the city always ensure your schedule is full” said a courier guy when asked about the working conditons in Tempe, Az.

Moving to a new place might seem a little frightening and getting to know a new city can be confusing, but when moving to Tempe, AZ, you will find the people to be remarkably accommodating and ready to help those who have yet to discover what the city is all about.
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Tempe is a growing city and continues to offer ample opportunities for career and education enhancements to people from all walks of life, so enjoy your time in Tempe, AZ. click here movierulz

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