7 Software Tools Every Startup Needs


As a new-age worldview, the startup practice has already provided many people with the resources, talent, and experience needed to thrive in the ever-changing business world.

So far, creative freedom, vast networking potentials, and cutting-edge tools have fueled this practice, all of which have come as hugely favorable side consequences of fast digitalization.

Once they were opened, we were able to think more creatively, act more courageously, and succeed more readily.

Starting a business in today’s world, fueled by the internet and technology — all you need is a solid toolbox and a little bravery.

The Best Software Tools For Every Startup

We have come a long way to identify the resources for startup companies and before we tell you all about the software tools, let us inform you that you can download these tools directly from

Now, let’s focus on the tools here:

1: Moosend

Creating email campaigns is a simple process.

However, it can be challenging to provide them at the appropriate time.

To get started, you’ll need an email marketing automation platform like Moosend. Moosend will provide you with automated tools to let you create, plan, and track the success of your email campaigns.

Moosend is a free forever subscription that allows you to send unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers.

Starting at $10 per month, the subscription plans allow you access to advanced features.

2: Growthhacker. TV features interviews with prominent hackers and entrepreneurs who have established a name for themselves in the digital world.

The interview videos play in a loop on the website, which is open to the public for free.

However, if you wish to view a previous video recording, you must first sign up for a paid subscription.

But wait, there’s more.

If you are a first-time visitor to the website, you may receive a promo code that allows you to view the site’s content as a premium member for a week.

3: Mailchimp

You’ll need an effective newsletter service to operate a successful email marketing campaign and keep your audience informed about special deals.

This is where the service MailChimp comes in.

MailChimp is a name that most people in the tech sector are familiar with.

The good news is that MailChimp provides a free starter bundle that includes all essential functions. The cost of a paid service starts at $10 per month. Alternatively, you can check out ActiveCampaign to discover which one best meets your needs.

4: Asana

Asana is a web and mobile-based project management solution created to help Facebook improve its workflow.

Asana’s effectiveness eventually and inevitably made it a household name among practically all startup entrepreneurs worldwide.

Users can assign tasks based on their status, add assignees and receive activity feeds, see log reports, and more using this project management software.

If you want to learn more, we propose Trello, a project management system that is just as effective.

5: Wave

Wave is a free online accounting application for small enterprises and startups.

The website allows you to keep track of all of your costs and incomes and assist you with your taxes when the time comes – saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

This resource has garnered media coverage from essential players such as, CNBC, Forbes, and Bloomberg.

You can also keep track of your different passive income streams and personal money in a separate personal account.

6: Canva

Canva is a web-based visual design tool that can create social media posts, blog graphics, Twitter headers, and Facebook advertising, among other things.

Users can choose from various design templates or construct their own using drag-and-drop functionality.

With Canva, uploading, adding, and creating images is a breeze.

The basic account is entirely free. For $1, you can use additional graphics and pictures supplied by freelance designers.

7: Cloudways

Cloudways is an online cloud hosting company.

Cloudways, based in Malta and serves a global audience, is all about simplicity and independence.

It makes sure that users don’t face any problem with security issues or slow-loading websites by offering an option of 50+ Click platform operations.

The tool’s advantages are unlimited staging sites, free IP whitelisting, SSL certificates, and a high-value affiliate network.


Startup firms have always been at the forefront of business growth, and once you understand the software tools required by small businesses, you will be in a rush to apply them in your business.

There are plenty of tools for your business to apply, and we have mentioned all of them here.

So, if you want more information on them, ping us in the comment box below. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.

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