6 Top Design Software for Your Room

No matter if you are a professional designer or just want to renovate your house, you need advanced tools. The design software was specifically produced to help you with planning your room from the very beginning. It allows you to see the design you want even before you start remodeling anything. With the model you create by using software, you can change things effortlessly anytime. Furthermore, the newest API integration services enable you to customize your model according to your needs. You will be able to add or remove any features and make changes to them if necessary. Software made for interior design usually contains 2D and 3D models, 360-degree renderings, and the ability to change textures and colors in the digital copy of your room.

Main Attractions of Top Design Software

There are multiple programs made for interior design planning on the market. Some of them might be more helpful than others for you. Consider the following features:

  • floor plans with 2D and 3D graphics;
  • 3D visualization of the project;
  • wide range of furniture and other home décor samples;
  • already made templates for each room;
  • changeable lighting;
  • customizable finishes.

Top-6 Design Programs

If you can’t decide which program you need, check out this list of top options. You might find these solutions not only helpful but money-saving. If you need specific features from different programs, you can combine them as well.

  1. Room Planner. It offers a 3D model of your house. You can visualize your perfect design with it. The app contains an impressive library of templates and home décor.
  2. Roomeon. The app works with popular home décor brands like IKEA, so you can try the 3D models of real furniture in your design.
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    There are options to change the lighting and check out the room during night and day.
  3. SmartDraw. This tool offers a 2D model of your house. It is simple to use even for an inexperienced user. While it does not offer 3D planning, you still can see what your room will look like in the last version.
  4. Planner 5D. You can use its 2D and 3D planning features on your computer, as well as on the phone. It provides a wide set of tools. For more realistic rendering, you have to pay the additional cost.
  5. Infurnia. The program is widely used among interior designers. You can work with this software online, without downloading it on your device.
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    The platform is cloud-based. One project may be joined by numerous designers. The catalog of furniture is impressive as well.
  6. Roomstyler. You can create the design of the whole house from the very beginning.
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    There is a library with layouts for every room, and you can drag new walls and windows into the room. It is the perfect app for “building” the house by yourself. 

Design Your Room Like a Pro

If you want to make a perfect house design, you need efficient interior design programs. The programs on the list will help you see what a room will look like after all the work is done, and change everything you want without repainting the walls or removing windows. Don’t hesitate to use several programs to achieve the results you want. Create a design of your dreams without any problems.

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