6 Features Every Good Web Host Must Offer

Your online office is hosted on a website. An electronic space is required for a virtual office, just as a real space is required for a traditional office. A web host rents that online space on servers for your site’s contents. It aids in getting your website established online. In addition to space, web hosting services typically assist you with backups, security, and uptime for your website.

There are various hosting options. Your demands and priorities will determine whether you choose, for example, managed cloud hosting or shared hosting. Different web hosting companies offer various advantages. Knowing what you need and what you can live without is crucial.

Discover the finest web hosting characteristics you require by reading on.

#1: Disk Space

One of the two key services that web hosts provide is disk space or storage. A website comprises several files at its core, including files that determine how it looks and what occurs when you press a button. You require those data on web servers supported by actual data centers to operate a website. It would help if you had a hosting plan that offers the necessary disk space because the files use disk space.

You need space for consumer material and the files necessary for the website’s functionality. For instance, you require additional storage space to handle requests from users for the submission of photographs or movies.

#2: Bandwidth

The second crucial feature that hosting solutions offer is bandwidth. It gauges a server’s ability to transfer data in a certain amount of time. If you want your site to load quickly, having enough bandwidth is essential since loading time is the duration of the time required to transport website files.

Get your web server or opt for one that pools its capabilities with a few other websites if you want large bandwidths. Although you may see commercials for bandwidth that is fully unlimited, this is not possible. Due to physical restrictions, there will always be a speed limit.

#3: Security

An additional line of protection against hackers is your web host. You can secure your website from cyber-attacks with the correct web host. If your website gathers private or financial information, enroll in a hosting web service that provides:

  • SSL certificates encrypt data transmitted through your website so only the receiver can access it
  • Automated malware scans – web hosting companies can assist you in identifying dangers and removing malware.
  • Firewall administration- creating rules by a web application firewall (WAF) safeguards your website from the most frequent threats. Check the hosting plan’s standard security features to see if any upgrades are available; many plans do.

#4: Uptime

The greater the proportion of time your website is up and accessible to users, or uptime, the better. The top web hosting services offer: to guarantee good uptimes. 

Backup servers and backup servers in different regions are necessary because a duplicate server in the same data center won’t keep your website up in the event of a natural disaster. But let’s say there are duplicate servers in numerous data centers on various continents or corners of the country. Your website has a considerably better chance of remaining up and accessible in that scenario.

Some web hosting firms also offer a money-back guarantee for uptime. They pay you if they don’t keep their word.

#5: Domain Name

The digital address of your online presence is your domain name. It was created to locate and distinguish online organizations without using IP addresses. Frequently, a hosting package comes with free domain name registration.

Some webmasters choose a different web host after purchasing a domain. Therefore, the option to transfer the domain to another registrar must be available to the domain owner.

#6: Backups

It’s crucial to have a website backup. Despite having the strongest website security, a vulnerability could still affect your website and cause it to crash. Therefore, having a solid backup plan is essential. A competent hosting company will regularly do automatic backups of your website to guard against data loss and restore your website with the least amount of downtime possible.


The success of your website can be made or broken by selecting the correct web hosting package. Consider the web hosting features you require before signing up for one, so it will be simpler to choose a provider that offers them all, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

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