5 Tips to Speed Recovery After Exercise

Maintaining a robust workout routine that keeps the body fit is crucial to many of us.

We push our bodies to the limits to build muscle, increase endurance, and shed fat.

But there may be times you realize you pushed yourself too far with a new routine or too much time in the gym. It happens to us all from time to time.

Your body will recover, but how long it takes and how well it does depends on you. If you’re looking for a few tips to speed recovery after you exercise, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Rest

First and foremost, you have to rest to speed post-exercise recovery.

If you exert yourself too much, rest your body after your exercise. Sit somewhere comfortable, elevate your feet, and breathe deeply.

When it’s bedtime, try to fall asleep earlier than usual to maximize the number of hours you sleep. Sleep is incredibly restorative and will help your body build muscle and repair faster.

On the plus side, physical exertion promotes better sleep itself, so this shouldn’t be too challenging!

2. Hydrate

Ah yes, the water conversation!

If you are not properly hydrating yourself when you exercise, then good luck repairing your body afterward.

Water carries oxygen and other essential nutrients to different parts of our bodies. When we do not drink enough water, this process is stilted.

In terms of your workout recovery, dehydration can lead to muscle cramps and spasms and delayed muscle growth. It can also cause delayed muscle soreness and prevent muscle repair.

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after you exercise.

You can also sip Gatorade or other electrolyte-boosting beverages. Just be sure to factor in the sugar levels, too. No point chugging what may be a soda-equivalent in sugar after busting your butt in the gym.

3. Nourish

It’s crucial to eat well when you have a serious exercise routine.

If you are not eating a diet abundant in vitamins and minerals, your body will be void of what it needs to quickly heal post-workout.

Be sure to eat plenty of nutritious foods leading up to and after exercising. Healthy diets prevent workout injuries and make healing faster.

4. Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage?! And a perfect excuse to get one is if you’re recovering from an exercise injury and want to heal quickly.

You don’t necessarily have to seek the work of a professional masseuse to heal post-recovery. But it can help. They are trained to know at the touch what muscle groups are overexerted and can soothe them into recovery mode quicker.

You can also massage a topical ointment into your skin yourself to promote quicker healing. If you prefer natural products, make your own recovery salve.

A CBD topical solution is also perfect for the job. More on CBD and its faster recovery powers next.

5. Opt for CBD Over Painkillers

Though we are used to taking painkillers at the slightest discomfort, most people are discovering alternatives to the typical Tylenol and Aleve.

OTC medicines tend to work fast but do not provide sustained healing. You have to take them continuously, leading to issues like liver damage if you’re not extremely careful.

Many people are ditching painkillers in favor of natural solutions, such as CBD products. CBD does come from the cannabis plant, but it does not make you high. It is the part of the plant that is therapeutic and can actually help heal the body.

Are you interested in learning a bit more about that? You can read about the different types of CBD and how it speeds recovery after exercise here.


If you love to exercise, that’s wonderful! But it is crucial you know how to repair your body correctly.

Taking care of your body post-workout means it will continue to perform the way you want it. And you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to be sidelined by an unexpected injury.

With these simple yet effective tips, you can speed recovery after exercise. The faster and more thoroughly you recover, the sooner you can get back to your favorite routines!

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