5 Tips for Saving Energy at Home

In most cases, homeowners and renters are generally unaware of the many ways they can save energy and lower their utility bills.
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It is ideal to hire a utility bidder to guide you about energy-saving means. We are here to teach you a few quick energy-saving tips that can help you significantly reduce utility bills.

How to Save Energy at Home?

1. Turn off Standby Mode

It is incredible how much difference turning standby mode makes. When your appliances are on standby mode, they are still consuming electricity which collectively adds a massive amount to your monthly electricity bill. Typically, wet machines like dishwashers and washing machines account for a large percentage of our electricity bills. It is estimated that switching off the standby mode of electronic devices saves around £35 a year. An excellent recommendation would be to get a standby saver through which you can turn off the standby mode of multiple appliances simultaneously.

However, it would be essential to mention that some appliances, like satellite TV recorders, should ideally be kept on standby mode and not plugged out. Hence, go through the instructions regarding your devices before turning off the standby mode.
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2. Use your Kitchen Appliances with Caution

As mentioned above, dishwashers soak up an incredible amount of electricity, so you must have some quick energy-saving tips in mind while handling them. It is ideal to use your dishwasher only once a week, as doing so will allow you to save £ 8 a year approximately. The same applies to washing machines, which also consume many electricity units. Using wet appliances for a singly weekly cycle will undoubtedly make a massive difference to your utility bills.

In addition to this, remember to fill your electric kettle with the required amount of water (and not more) as it will help reduce boiling time, and in turn, the amount of electricity consumed.

3. Cut down Time Spent in the Shower

Let’s admit it, more often than not, we spend long hours in the shower and utilize more water than required. With a water meter installed to check your water consumption actively, you can save up to £7 annually. Furthermore, it is heavily recommended to replace your inefficient showerhead with an efficient one.
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Efficient showerheads help reduce hot water consumption and do not allow for much water wastage. In this way, you can save hot water for later use and won’t have to heat it again in a short period. Moreover, these shower heads also allow you to save around £30 a year on gas bills. Small tips like turning off the shower while not in use also contributes to water-saving and less energy consumption

4. Smartly Use your Heating Controls

Heating appliances form a massive portion of our utility bills. In countries with cold weather, it is inevitable to have room thermostats and electric heaters installed in the house. However, there are some ways to cut down energy consumption by handling the heating controls smartly. These include lowering your thermostat temperature by one degree, enabling you to save around £55 and reduce your carbon footprint. It would be best to take heed to only heat those corners of the house that are inhabited and need heating; a centralized heating system generally leads to massive energy loss.

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